Tuesday, June 9, 2015

DAY 1376... Our Crib

I have moved about 33 times in 29 years. That's a little extreme I know. But at the same time, it's the life I've always known. Considering I grew up in that fashion, it isn't surprising to me that since I've been married (4 years this September) we have already moved 5 times. Every time we have moved, we have greatly improved our living situation. So even with two crazy kids and way too much stuff, every move has been worth it.

We have been in our "new" apartment for about 2 months now.

We. Love. It.

It's nothing fancy, and it is on the 2nd floor (grocery shopping is super fun), but it's great for our situation right now. Seriously, we feel so blessed to be here.

The living room is kind of huge. We absolutely love that of course! I wish I could take credit for the super cute stripes on the walls, but they were already there when we moved in. Kind of fun to have something other than white walls everywhere. Also we just got brand new carpet last week. Winning!

The dining room is also large which is also amazing! We have crazy cool plans to redo the kitchen table that my parents passed down to us this summer. Thank you Pinterest for the inspiration! Now to just find the time and the motivation...

Both Spencer and I are not fans of galley kitchens, but this one is pretty decently sized, so we are okay with it. Not a fan of white counter tops though. Seriously... who thought that was a good idea?

The bathroom is way bigger than the bathrooms at our last house. There is only one, which kind of sucks, but it has worked out so far. At least we have a bathroom right?

The laundry room doubles as my closet. Please tell me that I'm not the only one who thinks that having carpet in the laundry room is weird. It is definitely weird. But the space works great as a closet since the master bedroom only has a small regular sized closet.

Our bedroom is painted a soft light blue and I find that surprisingly calming and relaxing. It's a good sized room. Nothing amazing, but we like it. Let's be honest, the older you get the less time you even spend in your room, so the space really is great for what it is. It fits our king sized bed and really that's all that matters. Check out my sweet headboard that my amazingly talented husband made... for free. He's brilliant!

The kid's room is yellow. I don't love it, so the color definitely might change. It's kind of a tight space, but I have HUGE plans for making this room amazing. Now, we just have to find the time to make it amazing. It will be an awesome transformation though. I can't wait to share it with you. But the kids really only sleep in the room so the space really isn't a big deal. Humperdink (Ani's turtle) is the only one who spends time in there.

We also have this HUGE bonus room. We call it the everything room. It has our home office, the toy room, storage and a TV in there. It's kind of great. It's nice to have the extra space. We started painting it, ran out of paint, and Walmart hasn't stocked their paint samples in 2 months and we can't remember the name of the paint, but eventually we will finish painting it. This room is definitely a work in progress.

Spencer built this closet around the A/C and furnace. It was just out in the open and felt pretty dangerous, so he and a couple friends whipped it up one day. It's pretty awesome to have such a handy husband!

We LOVE having Air Conditioning. This is actually the first time since we have been married that we have A/C and it's absolutely AMAZING! How was I ever pregnant, twice, during the summer without A/C? I could never have been a pioneer.

In between our living room and the everything room is my office. I figured I might as well share a picture of that as well since I spend a majority of my day in there, working away.

We also did a little updating on the front doors. They needed it badly! Thanks goodness for sweet friends with vinyl machines and for husbands who are willing to paint.

Any decorating advice or organizational tips are much appreciated.

Welcome to our home.

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