Monday, June 20, 2016

Day 1746 to Day - 1748... Father's Day Weekend

Spencer walked into the house after his morning classes on Friday and said,
"Hey. Want to go to Utah today?"
I reminded him that I had to teach in church on Sunday so we would literally only be there for 24 hours,
and the next thing I knew,
we were all packed and on the road.

Aniston doesn't mind travelling,
but Benson...
Really he just loves to be at his home.
Everything is better when he's home.
When we was about 4 months old we went to Utah and he screamed in the car the entire way home.
As soon as we brought the car seat into the house,
we didn't even take him out of it,
we just brought it in and sat it down,
he stopped crying and was 100% happy.
But it is what it is.
Aniston tried really hard to keep him happy.

She is such a great big sister!
Benson finds ways to entertain himself in the car by just being weird.

It's definitely entertaining for me that way.
We stopped at Plymouth,
int he middle of nowhere so that Aniston could go to the bathroom.
Turns out they were having a BIG free celebration and it was the perfect pit stop!

One of our main reasons for heading down south was to see Spencer's parents and surprise his Dad for Father's Day.
It had actually been quite a while since they had actually seen the kids,
besides on a tablet or computer screen,
and Aniston had been begging to see them.
The kids definitely surprised Grandma when she opened the door.

Spencer's dad has Parkinson's Disease, 
and we never know how much time we have left with him,
so we always try to make the most out of our time with him.
The kids were beyond thrilled to get out of the car and onto a playground!

Ani is really into her cousins right now,
so her reunion with her cousin Chloe was fantastic!



Grandpa showed Aniston his new chair that helps him get up and out as we settled down for a rest.

Then we put Benson to bed,
and took Aniston to go get some dinner.
She was beyond obsessed with her funny face pancakes.

After we got back and put Ani to bed,
I realized that I had forgotten my Apple Watch charger.
So Spencer and I headed out around 11:30 to find one.
We went to 5 Walmart's and experienced the worst customer service ever,
constant lying,
and complete exhaustion.
We didn't find a charger,
even though we were told over and over that "this" store had them in stock according to the computer.
We got home around 1am.
It was awful!

The next morning we hit up the Target right next to Spencer's parents house and found one!
Great customer service and it was even cheaper than at Walmart.

After Target we headed to Hogle Zoo.
We didn't realized that half of Salt Lake also had the same intentions that morning,
but it still was amazing.

After 2 hours of roaming the zoo in 80 degree temperature,
the kids were exhausted!
It also could've been due to the fact that they woke up at 6am.

Since Aniston loves Disney so much,
and the Up house just happens to be 3 minutes away from Spencer's parents.
We made sure to make a quick stop for a picture.

Two houses down we found our dream house...

Yes, please!

At lunch Benson demonstrated the correct technique for eating an ice cream cone.

The kids were ready for a rest and Spencer and I decided to go on a quick rock climbing date.
12 years ago I was super into rock climbing.
I still have all my gear!
I hadn't been post baby and I wasn't sure I was even strong enough to do anything,
so I set a goal of climbing a 5.7 route.
I definitely climbed a 5.10 and was shocked!
It was one of the best dates we had ever been on!
Minus the part where Spencer's skin tore.

My American Ninja Warrior!

It was so great to be able to spend time with family!
Aniston is obsessed with her grandparents and I'm so glad Spencer got to spend some more time with his Dad.
We were also reminded about how much we love Utah.
Those mountains...

All the boys!

I also learned on our trip that,
birds do not menstruate so that must have been a really big bug that hit our windshield,

and also that sometimes fruit snacks look like sperm.

Father's Day is such a great day!
I am thankful for a Father-in-law who helped raise Spencer into the person and Dad he is today.
Of course I am so thankful for Spencer and his ability to be an amazing Dad.
It's such a gamble when you get married when it comes to becoming parents,
but I hit the jackpot for sure!

I am also so thankful that I got to spend time with my own Dad on Father's Day.
He is kind of the best!
I love how everyone says that about their Dad's.
How cool is it that we live in a world with so many amazing parents?

I really am so blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing male figures in my life!
And I am especially thankful for my Heavenly Father!
He is always there for me when I need anything,
and he blesses my life in so many incredible ways!

It was a perfect Father's Day weekend!

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