Monday, June 6, 2016

Everything You Missed... May 2016 Edition

May was great!
Let's dig right in...
Sometimes I make my family dress up like characters from children's books and we take pictures...
Just your Modern Day Berenstain Bears.
My mom went to Nebraska to visit my sister and her family at the end of April,
and while she was gone we updated her basement and little for her for Mother's Day.
These are the before pictures...

My Mom is not a messy person at all,
but life just really makes us all a little crazy sometimes,
and I knew she needed a little help.

I seriously love to organize!!!

Aniston LOVES these stairs outside our church building!

We love that Spring has officially arrived and we can play more outside!

Aniston made this for me at preschool and I just love it!
I will never throw it away!

Benson always needs to have his pillows.

Aniston had a princess day at dance class,
and she looked adorable!

We went out to dinner and Aniston kept herself busy with her crayons.
I was shocked when she handed me the card she had doodled on and she had written Mom.
I didn't even know she knew how to spell Mom,
let alone write it!
Best thing ever!

Aniston spends hours a week going on Disneyland rides on YouTube.
Did you know this was even a thing?
By the time we go to Disney next year, 
she'll probably be bored of all the rides!
Yeah right.
Not even possible.

Pool fun,
or not,
in Benson's opinion,
at Nana's house!

We keep finding these R2's all over Rexburg.
And then Elder Kinville found one in Scotland.

Aniston has become OBSESSED with crimped hair!
This girl would've rocked the 80's!

This momma duck had 12 baby ducks!
It was adorable!

We had to wait for Daddy while he got a massage,
so we hit up all the arcade rides at the mall.
Lucky for Mom,
they all only cost 25 cents!
It was a HUGE hit with the babies!

Aniston drew this picture at church a few weeks ago.
When I asked her what is was she said, 
"Aniston and Jesus of course!"
Love this sweet child of mine!

End of the year thank you gifts for Ani's teachers!

Soccer offically starts for this cutie tomorrow and she couldn't be more excited!

I'm sure she grew like 10 years overnight!

Last day of dance!
Aniston was blessed with the BEST teachers ever!

Recorders will be the death of me!

I know I'm late to the game but the debate over Berenstain and Berenstein is so insane to me!
It really blows my mind and makes me question my childhood!

Aniston insisted on picking flowers for every member of the family.
Sweet girl!

Best friends forever!

So much running happened in May!

99 cent bowling during the summer is our absolute favorite!

Benson was perhaps a little too tired to be on Daddy's back...

The games where you win every time are THE BEST!

Teaching Aniston all about the classics!
She didn't love it...

Benson LOVES to blow his nose. 
I find wipes all over the house from him pretending to blow his little nose.

This kid eating in his sleep in one of the best things I have ever seen!

My late night entertainment!

I try really hard to teach my kids not to climb up the slides, 
but Benson was trying so stinking hard to get up.

While doing my MTE training,
I noticed that the voice of the lady reading the medications sounded an awful lot like Angela from The Office.
It made my day!

He can dunk like a beast!

I already shared this video on a post, 
but it's too good not to share again!

May was great!
But I can already tell that June will be better!

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