Friday, June 17, 2016

DAY 1743... Bear World


We have gone every summer that we have lived in Rexburg.
It's so fun for the kids to be so close to animals that aren't cats or dogs,
and to ride the rides and just be outside.

Benson has been obsessed with growling lately,
so the whole bear thing is right up his alley!

The first part of the park that we go through is the drive through portion of the park.
There are a ton of different animals,
and halfway through you go into the bear section and it is AWESOME.
It's a little like Jurassic Park.
They have to open the gate and then close it behind you and the first time I went through I was a little terrified.

We put the seats down in the van and let the kids just stand up so that they could get close to the windows, walk around and closer to the animals.

The bison are Aniston's favorite.
We drive by Bear World every time we go to Idaho Falls,
and she waves to the bison every time.

Benson some how made his way up to the drivers seat and he was in heaven!

I love the look on their faces when they see the bears.
Last summer when we went a bear bit the door handle of our car so Aniston was a little nervous this time around.
Benson just growled the entire time.
He's got serious skills growling with a bink in.

After the drive we went and saw the baby bears.
Aniston really wanted to feed the baby bears,
but you have to be 5 years old.
Bummer summer.
But she sure loved watching them play.

The petting zoo was a HUGE hit with the kids.
Probably their favorite part.
We spent the majority of our time in the petting zoo.
Benson is usually pretty shy and reserved,
but he had no fear of the animals and he was in heaven!

his face.
That joy!
Worth every penny we spent!

About an hour into the petting zoo,
thank you Ani for refusing to leave,
Benson became more interested in the rocks than in the animals.

The rides were also a hit as usual.
We were nervous about Benson,
because last week we took him on his first carousel and it was a nightmare!
But he loved these rides!

 Spencer was such a good Dad to go on all the rides with the kids!

How on earth did I get so lucky?

Aniston went on the last ride all by herself!
She was so brave!
She obviously looks terrified,
but she said it was a lot of fun.

Pretty sure she thought the other girls were crazy for taking their hands off the bar.
She just held on for dear life!

Aniston refused to smile by the bear,
but when I set Benson down he ran right over to where Ani had been standing and did exactly what she did.
So adorable!

If you ever drive through the Rexburg area,
I highly recommend taking a detour and hitting up Bear World.
It is a great family activity,
and a fun adventure!

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