Thursday, June 30, 2016

DAY 1577... Rigby Lake

I am really into family time these days.
I am really enjoying doing things as a family regardless of what it is.

12 years ago when I started college (groan, I am so old),
Rigby Lake was kind of trashy.
There were a lot of rocks, 
not many places to set up chairs and towels,
it just wasn't very nice.

Now it's so much better!
They've added nice playground equipment,
they have food,
paddle board rentals,
and soft sand.

We got there bright and early so the kids spent some time on the playground that they have.
At 9:30am the slides were already kind of warm,
but they still had a blast.

Both kids wore their Keens so that they could wear them in the water and not worry about getting them wet.
one of the best purchases we have made for them.

Spencer got everything set up and ready for us while the kids played.
We kind of love our Superbrella.

Both kids loved the water!
Rigby Lake tends to be pretty cold,
but it didn't really bother either of them.

Although the kids loved the water,
they probably loved playing in the sand and basking in the sun a little bit more...

My car may never recover from the sand angel Aniston made.
There was sand EVERYWHERE!!!

Eating sand.

 These were Benson's first reactions to the sand after I removed his Keens.

The kids have been obsessed with these peeled apple slices I got at Walmart.
So of course we brought some of those along.
Kind of the perfect snack to keep them hydrated and cure their snackies.

We decided to try something we hadn't tried before and Spencer rented a Paddle Board.
It was awesome,
and surprisingly calming.

Even Aniston got in on the action!
She loved it!

I haven't written much about my weight loss,
but I will,
I promise,
but can we talk about my maternity swimsuit that I've worn for the past 3 summers was falling off???

The fact that I was even wearing a swimsuit in public was kind of a big deal.
But I will share all of that when I finally get the time to write about weight loss and confidence.

We had a blast at the lake!
I'm so grateful for the time I get to spend with my family.

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