Monday, July 11, 2016

Everything You Missed... June 2016 Edition

June always seems to go by so quickly!
It's probably one of my favorite months of the year for sure!
The weather is always great,
which in turn makes everyone else so happy because we get to be outside and not stuck in the house.
June really was a GREAT month!
(Also, the pictures will not center no matter what I do,
and I am lacking serious patience to deal with it,
I apologize.)

I just want to take a nap.
But these two will not let me and insist on laying directly on top of me to watch their movie.
The movie that I specifically picked for them so that I could sleep.

 Benson started nursery...
and he HATES it!
Spencer pretty much just sits with him for the 2 hours.
The one time we tried to leave him they brought us to him after an hour because he was crying so hard he couldn't breathe.
This is a total 180 from Aniston. 
She walked in that nursery door at 18 months old and never looked back.
Poor little man!

I have LOVED coaching Ani's soccer team this season!
Go Gators!

She struggles to get her jammies on right after a bathroom break.
She thinks she is pretty funny.
I think she does it to get that laughs.

  We work hard to entertain ourselves at the doctor's office.

Benson seriously has abs of steel!
He will hold this position for minutes like it's no big deal.

He hated the carousel.

She loved it of course!

This gorgeous lady was one of my cheerleaders from my very first year coaching.
She was up in Idaho Falls and texted me,
so of course I dropped everything to meet up with her.
She has grown into an AMAZING woman!
I am so proud of her and I'm so glad that we are still friends!

When Ani was a baby,
my sister gave us this pottery kids backpack with her name on it and we have used it for her church bag.
It was time for Benson to get one too and he will not take it off.
Probably one of his favorite things ever.
He loves to be just like his big sister.

She probably falls asleep reading more often than not and I LOVE it!

Bear watching!

Aniston's choice of outfit for a hot June day.

My boys.

 Benson bites when he's mad and it is a problem.
To be fair though,
Ani did lightly touch his shoulder...
Maybe he has anger issues.

Spencer sculpted this nativity on his mission.
I have been trying for years to get a copy of it but the museum where it is sold never gets back to me.
I guess I'll have to take a trip down to Alabama soon.

A lady from Jake's mission came to the states and met with Mom and gave her some shortbread cookies.
It was super fun for my Mom to be able to talk with someone who had seen Jake recently.
Only 8 more months!

He LOVES the swings!

I truly thought Benson would be terrified of the water,
but I couldn't keep him away!

So handsome in his new booster seat!

He loves his Daddy!

I only asked her for a smile,
but she gave me a little bit more.

His love for animals may get him in trouble some day.

Aniston is really into self portraits lately.
I cannot get enough of them!
This is seriously such a fun age!

Aniston lined up all her Disney characters and said,
"Mom! Take a picture! We're ready!"

My tiny dancer!
This girl loves to dance and I love to dance with her!

It's a work in progress.
The older he gets the more intense he is.
He has got a HUGE set of lungs on him!

Gelati plus Worth It is her favorite!

Benson has been doing this thing where he closes his eyes and dances.
It reminds us of Stevie Wonder and we cannot stop laughing over it!

That backpack...

The cutest cowboy around!

What missionaries in Scotland do on their P-Day's.

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