Sunday, July 31, 2016

DAYS 1592-1595... Visitors

We are able to have Spencer's sister Tami and her husband and their 3 boys come and stay with us for 4 days from southern Arizona.
Aniston had a BLAST!
She loves playing with her cousins!
I probably need to set up more play dates with her and other kids for sure!
We just did so much while they were here I don't even know where to start.

We hit up Bear World...

The bears were so awake and right up next to the car.
It was GREAT!

So much hand holding this week.

This boy LOVES stuffed animals!
He loves to hug them!
It's probably the cutest thing ever.

Benson's reaction to the baby bears.

Hands in your mouth after touching all the animals...
Parenting fail.

The baby deer was a HUGE hit!


The rides are always fun,
but several of them were shut down for maintenance and that didn't go over well.

 Benson was not ready for the rides to end...

Growing up I read every single Sweet Valley High book and I always wanted to be 5 foot 6 just like the twins.
According to Bear World I am!!!!

We went to several parks...

Everyone wanted a chance to give Beni a camel ride.


 On Sunday night we visited the BYU-Idaho Gardens and the Nature Park,
making our way through the throngs of Pokemon Go players.

My kids weren't really wanting to share the bread with the ducks...

 Spencer introduced them to disc golf of course.

Monday night we had FHE at my parents house,
complete with a bon fire,
and some archery.

I may or may not have shot my parents hose...
I'm just that good of a shot!

We lost an arrow,
so my Dad brought out his metal detector and it was a HUGE hit with the kids!

They found the arrow!

When the cousins left on Tuesday morning,
my children lost it!
They weren't ready for the fun to end!

Thank you for coming and visit us!!!!

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