Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday Munchies... Hawaiian Chicken Salad

Do you ever just watch Keeping Up With The Kardashian's reruns and just crave a salad, because that's all they seem to eat?

Just me? 

This recipe is something my sister made for us once and we fell in love! 

The flavors are amazing and the taste is so on point.

Seriously, there's nothing better in the hot summertime than a good refreshing salad.

1 package of Canadian Bacon
3 Chicken Breasts
Teriyaki Sauce
Cherry Tomatoes
Shredded Cheddar Cheese

1. Cut uncooked chicken into bite sized pieces and marinade in teriyaki sauce in the fridge for 4 hours.

2. After the chicken is done marinading, cook on stove.

3. Cook pineapple in separate pan with some juice.

4. Remove pineapple when it has started to brown.

5. Cook Canadian bacon in pineapple juice in the some pan you cooked the pineapple until browned.

6. Cut cherry tomatoes into two pieces.

7. Layer lettuce, chicken, cheese, tomatoes, Canadian bacon and pineapple.

8. Top with croutons and ranch.


We love this salad and hope you do too!

Also why do we call anything with Canadian Bacon and Pineapple Hawaiian? I lived in Hawaii for 2 years and I never once ate Canadian Bacon unless I went to Pizza Hut.

I think that's strange.

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