Friday, August 14, 2015

Family Fun Friday... Madison County Fair

I love the fair! Growing up my grandparents always worked their fair, the Pend Oreille County Fair in Cusick, WA (remember, population 25) in the poultry barn and we usually would spend 2 or 3 full days there. Some of my best memories growing up happened at this fair! It was such a magical and amazing place.

During my high school days, the Deschutes County Fair was the highlight of our summer. When it was built, it was the 5th largest fair grounds west of the Mississippi. It is HUGE and beautiful! I always worked the dunk tank as a fundraiser for cheerleading so I was always there, but I spent the entire week and those amazing summer nights with my friends riding rides, eating amazing food and gathering so much free stuff! I NEED a Beaver Burrito ASAP!!!! It's been 11 years too long!!!

In approximately 10 minutes, we did everything and saw everything that there was to see at the Madison County Fair.

Lamest. Thing. Ever.

This is the Madison County Fair...

But it is free, and there are some animals so it keeps Aniston happy. But seriously... My heart kind of breaks for the kids here who are going to have this experience of a fair from their childhood. I want to tell them all that it is so much better everywhere else!!!!

There were no rides, but about 7 different bouncy houses. Aniston attempted to play in one, but there was water everywhere inside of it and she didn't love it. Then we found out that it cost $10 to play in it. Our bad. Thanks but no thanks. That is insane right? I mean to get into the fair is free, but $10 for a bouncy house in 93 degree weather? No way Jose!

The highlight of the show was definitely the animals!

This adorable young boy brought over his bunny for the kids to pet and see and it was just the sweetest thing. Benson's eyes just brightened up when he saw that bunny!

This was Aniston after she learned that the little brown rocks she was picking up was actually rabbit poop.


Aniston kept yelling, "Mom! Look! Cow butts!" It's just my opinion, but when the highlight of the fair is looking at cow butts, there's a HUGE problem!


Shout out to my amazing husband who pushed the double stroller through the grass like a boss!

Until next year Madison County Fair. Yes, despite my dislike for this particular fair we will return because my kids love animals and I believe that things can improve and get better. For example... last year they didn't have this cool banner....

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  1. Go to the Burley fair. I love it! Parade is on Wednesday. Best scones, maple bars and corn on the cob. And it's free