Friday, August 21, 2015

Family Fun Friday... Ririe Reservoir

Summer has just flown by! We haven't even done half the things on my summer to do list! Let's just say the next couple of week are gonna be pretty busy.

Over the weekend, my parents invited us to go to Ririe Reservoir with them. Not to go swimming or boating, but to picnic and to go fishing. 

Aniston was so excited!

One of her favorite gifts that she received for her birthday was her Mickey Mouse fishing rod. Yes. My 3 year old calls it a fishing rod, not a fishing pole. 

We had a FANTASTIC time!

We are in trouble my friends. This boy is now moving and shaking and gets what he wants to get. Chips included. (Don't worry... we didn't let him eat any chips).

Benson was so excited to be outside. He didn't cry once the entire night! He is such a little blessing!

I was worried that Aniston wasn't going to love her life jacket, but I knew that there was no way in the world that she was getting on a boat without one on. She surprised me though. She LOVED it! Never even complained once.

That saggy bum though...

She practiced reeling in her fish for a good 15-20 minutes before they actually got on the boat.

These two. Spencer didn't even care if he didn't get to fish. All he wanted was to fish with Aniston. He really wanted her to have an amazing time. What a great Dad!

Let's be honest... All I could think about as they were floating away was, Titanic!!! This is the same reason that I have never been on a cruise and may never go on a cruise. Boats sink sometimes. I prayed the entire 2 hours that they were out on that lake for their safety. Spoiler Alert... Heavenly Father answered my prayer.

Ryan kept busy reading some H.P. (Harry Potter) while we waited for our fishermen/fisherchild.

Give this little man a water bottle and you will keep him happy for hours.

We are so blessed to live so close to my parents! I am so glad that they know their Nana and their Papa and I just love how much they love them!

While we were waiting, we took Benson down to the water. He was completely mesmerized by the tiny waves.

Those eyes...

Uncle Ryan is the BEST!

After two hours, we saw them coming into the dock. Then we noticed that Spencer was rowing the boat. We figured the engine had died. Nope. Just my studly husband wanting to row the boat to get exercise. What a hunk!

Ani was a little upset that Mom forgot her swimming suit. This is her, "I'm totally gonna jump in the second you look away Mom," look.

My Dad was the only one who caught a fish, but Aniston was really excited about it!

I have no memory of taking this picture, nor do I understand what is going on. Apparently my Dad is really proud of his fish and hungry.

This was a fantastic adventure with my little family! I am so glad that Aniston finally got to go fishing and that she had so much fun doing it. Notice that she has definitely been wearing her life jacket almost the entire night.

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  1. Looks like you all had so much fun!!! The picture of Aniston practicing with her life jacket cute!