Tuesday, August 25, 2015

DAY 1451... 3 Months to Go!!!

Pregnancy, for humans, last for 9 months.

It's not always the best thing in the world. It's really hard to surrender your body to someone else. You just never completely feel like yourself.

Obviously my pregnancy with Benson was a thousand times better than my pregnancy with Aniston.

Hyperemesis BLOWS!

Today I celebrate my baby's 9 month birthday!

It's strange and hard to believe that he has been on the outside just as long as he was in the inside.

It's really not fair how slow times goes when you're pregnant compared to how fast it goes once they're born.

Not. Fair. At. All.

Benson is the BEST!

He now says "dada" and "yay".

He isn't crawling yet, but he rolls and scoots around like a boss. He has absolutely no issue getting where he wants to go.

Sometimes he gets stuck.

He reaches for everything.

This kid has insane back flexibility.

He is all boy.

Very destructive.

Always grunting.

He is finally getting taller. 
He has always been short and fat, so I am appreciating his growth spurt.

He has a tooth on the bottom that is finally poking through.

And he is always surprising us! 

Sometimes, it's not the best surprise.

He is such a blessing and such a sweet little man! 

I'm so excited to see who he becomes!

On a side note...
How do you not compare your children? Ani was crawling by this age, and I am finding it difficult to not think that there's something going on because he's not crawling. I know that every kid is different, but I still can't help but to think that there is something going on, even though I know he's totally fine.

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