Friday, August 28, 2015

Family Fun Friday... Rexburg Rapids

Rexburg, in my opinion, had the chance to do something amazing by putting in a community pool, several years ago, since there are none in this town, except at the university and that water is freezing! Like so cold that the one time I took Aniston there it took 3 hours for her lips to change from purple back to pink.

Rexburg screwed it up.

They built an outdoor water park (not the kind of water park that I grew up with mind you) that is usable for about 3 months out of the year. And let's be honest, that's only if we're lucky. Rexburg is insanely windy and doesn't always have lasting summer weather.

Honestly I would enclose it and make it usable year round. I think that is a good idea. Yes, that costs money, but come on Rexburg, sometimes you have to spend money to make money. Honestly, they probably should build a football field for their high school first since they don't have one (weird right?), but the priorities seem a little silly here sometimes so yeah....

Last year Aniston took swimming lessons at Rexburg Rapids. She didn't learn to swim because they didn't teach them how to swim, but she did have a blast! Every time we drive by she says, "Hi, swimming lessons!"

We hadn't hit up Rexburg Rapids yet this summer because it was always so crowded every time we drove by and the weather hasn't been amazing.

We decided to go this week once school had started in hopes that it wouldn't be crowded.

We picked an overcast, slightly windy but still warm afternoon.

Still. Crowded.

Do that many people home school their kids?

Does every school in the area have different start dates?

Oh well.

Aniston had a BLAST and Benson really enjoyed the water as well.

The water was the perfect temperature and Spencer only had to glare at a few silly kids to make them stop splashing my 9 month old. Win-win right?

I love that they allow you to bring in outside food. This made it perfect for a little picnic. And by picnic I mean we went to the store grabbed some sushi (Broulims does have AMAZING sushi) and crackers and a lunchable for Ani and called it good.

Aniston's favorite part of the day was sliding down the slides. Last year she was too scared to go down them, but this year she did great! It was definitely something that made this year a little more special.

We really did have a fun time as a family.

You know, everything becomes a little bit more difficult when you have kids, but the memories are definitely a thousand times better!

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