Sunday, May 12, 2013

DAY 613... There's a lot going on here... Oh, and Happy Mothers Day!!!

I just don't even know where to start! I feel like I have so much that I haven't written about, but I just don't have the time! This week is my last week of work and then all I have to do is coach and play with my little Ani Kate for the summer!!! Did I even mention that I am now the adviser head coach now at Madison? That happened a few weeks back and it is a dream come true! I love coaching in any sort of capacity, but to be able to be over the program completely is just AWESOME! I'm very excited and I have some tricks up my sleeve....

Some thing else I am beyond excited to share with you is that my family, meaning my parents and the two youngest boys, are moving back to REXBURG!!!!! Can you sense my excitement  I am beyond trilled that they will be here, hopefully soon! I know they will be here by August for sure, but I really hope that it's more like next week when they move. I know it won't be, but a girl can dream right? Jake will be able to spend his senior year at Madison, and I LOVE coaching at the school my brother attends. We did this at Copper Hills in Utah and it was a BLAST! I'm so excited that Aniston is going to get to know Nana and Papa better for the next couple years while Spencer finishes school.

So I know it's Mother's Day, and I will get to that, but I want to talk about my Dad. I could not ask for a better example for a father. He taught at BYU-Idaho for 3 years a couple years back and he was AMAZING! I'm not just saying this... there is proof. All of his ratings on are stellar and we all know that kids only get on there to bag their professors. His hotness rating isn't so high... but then again he does teach in a predominately male major so that would be weird. He also received a reward for his insanely awesome teacher evaluations semester  after semester, and he won the Golden Apple award! This award is only given to one professor at the university a year! He's good basically and now, after 7 months of applying for the job and countless interviews (remember when he visited 2 months ago) he gets to have his dream job again! for the rest of his life he gets to have his dream job! That is AWESOME!!! I can't wait to sit in on his classes again... I remember sitting in on the very first class he ever taught at BYU-Idaho. I'll probably bring Aniston so she can get in on that awesomeness... It's BYU-Idaho so that's okay right?

I think that this is honestly the first Mother's Day when I truly appreciate my Mom. I always knew she was awesome, there was never any doubt about that, but I don't think I ever realized how much she did. I don't know how she did it with 5 kids. I am barely hanging on as it is with 1. My Mom is so patient  so kind, she's anything but judgmental, she is considerate, she is beautiful, she is beyond supportive, she is THE BEST mom! Being a mom takes a lot of work! You never get to put yourself first, someday's you don't even get a shower. Everything you do, you do it for your family. I understand that know and living it myself really helps me to appreciate my mom and other mothers so much better than I ever have before!

 Now I see why Ani is always sticking her tongue out.... Gets it from Mom.

This is my first actual Mother's Day, and so it was a little depressing to think about knowing that my husband wasn't going to be here to celebrate it with me. But since I do have such an amazing husband, he had a package sent with a gorgeous white watch in it for me! Kind of obsessed with watches, so that man did GOOD!!!! That made me feel special. Aniston is way to young to understand what Mother's Day is, but she slept for 14 hours solid, that means I got 10 solid hours of blissful sleep, and then when she woke up she didn't wake up crying for Daddy, but she woke up singing. It was AMAZING! I hope that finally after a week of sleepless hard nights, perhaps we are back to our night time routine. I am so excited to spend more time wife my AMAZING daughter! She's pretty much hilarious, so it's a good time.

I feel so blessed to have the example of my Mom in my life. I call her pretty much everyday with one question or another about how to parent, and she always gives me the best advice! I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!

I absolutely LOVE being a Mom! There is really nothing better and more rewarding than being a Mom. Seriously... BEST THING EVER!!! Crazy and annoying at times, let's be honest it's downright exhausting, but still AMAZING!!!
I am not one of those women who looked amazing after pushing a child out of me...

Also I just have to share this video. Ani I love you, but this little boy might just be the most adorable thing ever!!!!! If this doesn't just make you smile and melt your heart... I may be concerned for your soul!

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