Monday, May 27, 2013

DAY 627... Ingredients For an AMAZING Indoor Picnic

For days I have been ecstatic about Memorial Day and Aniston's first picnic in the park. Then Memorial Day came... Surprise surprise, Rexburg decided to produce enough wind to fuel a 3rd world country. I have insanely nasty allergies and Aniston kind of hates the wind, so we decided an indoor picnic would have to suffice.

 Ingredients are as followed:

1 Awesome Blanket. My Aunt Pat made us this blanket for our wedding. She made it out of my Grandpa's old jeans and it is seriously the PERFECT picnic blanket! Ani did not enjoy sitting on it. In fact she doesn't enjoy sitting on much besides carpet and Mom's lap. She doesn't like grass or cement. She will sit on the gym floor and the cheer mats, but she is super skeptical and uncomfortable on almost anything else. Weirdo. I just can't wait to bring her to a beach and see her in the sand! It's gonna be great!
2. Yummy sides. Potato Salad & Macaroni Salad... of course we had to have both.

3. Drinks. Cranberry Grapefruit is THE BEST Sobe ever made! Spencer disagrees with this and so he opted for a blue powerade. All powerade flavors are referred to by their color in our home.

4. Chips. We had Sour Cream and Cheddar chips (always delicious).

5. Subway. Did you know the secret to an AMAZING subway sandwich is getting the Italian Herbs and Cheese bread with mayo, mustard AND ranch? The ranch makes the sandwich delicious beyond words! Basically it was AMAZING!

6. A super cute baby! Ani joined us and ate Cheerios, apple-strawberry puffs, strawberry yogurt bites, apple juice, a go-gurt, bread from my sandwich, and her all natural Cheetos. My daughter is kind of what some might call a pig. LOVE IT!!!
7. An AMAZING husband. Enough said.
8. House Hunters. We watched the Memorial Day marathon of House Hunters and we just had a great time!

I LOVE spending time with my family! They are the best! Which makes it even more wonderful that my parents are coming into town in 2 days!!!! My Mom hasn't physically seen Ani since her blessing which was almost 9 months ago!!!! Nana is super excited to see Ani! It's going to be a great week!!! Ani and I took lots of picture while Daddy went out to get our food!!
 I 'm pretty sure she will only ever just have the 2 bottom teeth... I don't really care though... They are stinking adorable!
 Ani spent a good deal of time perfecting her "Blue Steel" look today.
 Aniston is getting along great walking with her stroller...
 She even improvises since she can't figure out how to turn the stroller around by herself.
 More "Blue Steel"
Always so happy to be eating! I promise her hair looked better... you know before she decided to rip out her barrettes and attempted to pull out the rubber bands.

We ventured outside to attempt to take some pictures... they weren't awesome, but man, is Ani cute!
 Sometimes she doesn't understand the things that Daddy's does...
 She would not put her hands down on the grass... haha
 Something is interesting...

 She actually hates going down the slide, so I just put her at the bottom for the picture...

I hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day. I know that I am thankful every day for those men and women who constantly and fearlessly defend our freedoms and put their lives on the line for millions of people they don't even know everyday.

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