Sunday, May 5, 2013

DAY 606... 10 Months Old

Today is not only Cinco de Mayo (yum) and the day we said goodbye to Dad, but it's also Aniston's 10 month birthday! She has grown and learned so much this past month!  She's doing a lot these days...

  • She plays Peekaboo by herself. Probably the cutest thing ever!!!
  • She says Mama, Dada, Uh oh, Hi, and baby and other words which we do not understand
  • She bites everything with her two little teeth including my toes, Dad's fingers, and basically anything 
  • She dances a lot especially to the Jonas Brothers and any shoe commercial
  • She yells at her toys when they do something wrong... she also yells at mom and dad when she doesn't get her way or if she desperately needs attention.
  • She walks with the support of the couch
  • She eats all the time!!! She loves to eat buttons on the clothes you are wearing... Super dangerous right? Her favorite snacks are all natural Cheetos, go-gurts and cheerios.
  • She waves bye bye and hi, even when she is talking to you on the phone
  • She claps but only moves her right hand while she claps... so cute
  • She loves to brush other peoples hair as well as her own.
  • She loves to watch people do their hair. She thinks the blow dryer is AMAZING!!!
  • She loves Sharky and Bones and any of their music videos. Seriously she will stay glued to the iPad while it's playing. 
  • She loves to talk on the phone. She has a play phone that she will talk on although we have no idea what she is saying.
  • Baths make her super happy and showers make her super cuddly
  • She loves to watch people exercise. Makes her laugh so hard. Loves those push ups.
  • She knows where Mommy's nose is and where Ani's nose is
  • Her favorite songs are Wheels on the Bus, Isty Bisty Spider, Popcorn Popping, and Roll Up the Map
  • She is crazy fast! This girl can crawl faster than I have ever seen! She also likes to be creepy and crawl up behind up and sit and stare at you until you notice
  • She is crazy rebellious! Already.... Payback for Mom obviously! Poor Dad.
  • She loves to climb on anything including but not limited to stairs, people, chairs, stools, and bookshelves.

She is growing up so fast! I cannot believe that we are only 2 months away from celebrating her 1st birthday. These past 10 months have been AMAZING! They have been so hard and challenging, but I have learned so much! I have felt so much love and so much support and I could not have made it through this past 10 months without my AMAZING husband. I know that she has developed so much and so quickly because of her Dad, so I hope that I can do the same for her these next 3 months that he has done. She has so much personality. She is super stubborn, always wanting to make you smile, and she knows exactly what she wants and when she wants it. She is so determined and so beautiful! I just love her so much!

We love you Aniston Kate!!!! Thanks for making us smile every single day!

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