Wednesday, May 22, 2013

DAY 622... Ani's Quiet Book

So back in December during one of my millions of hours spent on Pinterest (not an exaggeration) I ran across some super cute quiet books. Of course, like the millions of other people out there while they are browsing Pinterest, I thought to myself, I can do that. So I began the book.... 6 months later, I finished it!!!! Is it perfect, oh heck no. Could I have done it better, yeah... probably. But so far she LOVES it. She doesn't understand it, but it is keeping her amused. However, it's not keeping her quiet... She gets very excited and VERY loud every time I turn the page for new fun.

The first page is the removable alphabet. I individually sewed snaps to each letter and then to the page, so that the letters can be removed, placed in the zebra pocket, or switched around to spell words. Kind of fun... Not sure babies or kids even can use the snaps (my bad) but that's what parents are for right?

Can't stop eating jelly beans lately....

The next page is the snow man. Each page that has something that can be removed has a pocket on the other side that holds the objects so that they don't get lost. I know... I'm a genius! I glued (I wanted to sew, but I am not patient enough) the snow balls onto the page, and left it up to Ani to dress the snow man.

Next we have the seasons tree. I used Velcro to be able to attach either green leaves, flowers or fall leaves or you can just leave the tree bare for wintertime.

Next we have the ballet slipper. Basically the only thing that you can do here is tie the laces. I have high expectations that Ani will be able to tie her own shoes by the age of 2. Unrealistic? I just have a hard time when I'm at work and the 2nd graders are asking me to tie their shoes.

Next is the clock with movable hands. They aren't super movable, but movable nevertheless.

Then we have the bead page. Hopefully this will able to help her to count, plus they are super fun to move around and play with. I used different designs and patterns so that Aniston can also learn about those while she plays.

Next is the barnyard. I kind of LOVE this page. You can open the barn doors and find some barnyard friends! There are 3 finger puppets hiding in there just waiting to be played with. We have a chicken, a pig, and a zebra cow. Doesn't every farm have a zebra farm??? Ani LOVES the puppets... she loves any puppets actually, so it works for her.

Then there's the weaving page. Pretty sure it will be awhile until Ani learns to use this page (after she learns to tie her shoes of course) but I made the page full of bright colors so that's it's appealing to her eyes.

Next is the flower pot. The flowers are removable and super cute with the button centers.

The last page is perhaps my very favorite and a duplicate of the picture on Pinterest page that made me want to make the quiet book. It's the potato head page!!! I made 3 sets of eyes, 3 sets of hats, 2 sets of shoes, 2 ears, a purse, lips, smile, a mustache, a nose and they all fit in a handy dandy bucket. So much fun and so many options!

I can't wait until Ani can actually use the book instead of just watching Mom play with it! I'm sad that it took so long for me to finish it. I can't wait until Sunday so that I can bring it to church and entertain my little lady!

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