Sunday, November 27, 2016

DAY 1714... Benson Turns 2!!!

Benson has been a little obsessed with The Nightmare Before Christmas for quite sometime now.
While considering birthday party ideas,
I knew fairly quickly that a Jack party was a must.

Luckily I was able to buy a lot of Halloween items on clearance after Halloween,
and then I just got crafty.
Pinterest had a lot of great ideas,
but it also helped that Benson insists on watching the movie twice a day,
so I was able to get a good idea for decor and food.

Yes we all wore matching Jack shirts,
except for Ani who wore her Sally dress.

Making Jack's equation was probably one of my favorite pieces for the party.

I made the invites on Word and just printed them out.
Super simple!

I actually LOVED having the tree decorated all spooky! 
I wanted to leave it like this for Christmas,
but then I decided that it probably wasn't the best theme to celebrate the birth of our Lord...

I fell in love with these Jack Skellington ornaments,
but they cost like $75.
So I bought some bulbs for $6 and made my own.
I did leave these on the Christmas tree...

I LOVED having this wreath to greet everyone!
I simply took my Christmas wreath and added a bow and teeth and eye balls.
They came off easily and perfectly.

I must have cut out like 20 spider snowflakes.

Have you guys ever read this book?
It's the original poem that Tim Burton wrote that inspired the movie.
So great!

Definitely the most simple cake Spencer and I have ever made for a birthday.

We had coloring sheets to keep the kids busy.

We just had broccoli soup for lunch.
They eat green soup in the movie,
and since it's one of Benson's favorite meals,
we figured it worked.

Don't judge my Jack cookies.
As you can tell,
I realized they weren't working and stopped after making 3 of them.
Oh well.
The Christmas trees with Halloween sprinkles turned out great!

We are so lucky that Benson's birthday falls close to Thanksgiving because our whole family can be here for his party.
These cousins LOVE each other!
Of course we have a picnic style lunch so that we could watch The Nightmare Before Christmas while we ate.


He loves his Jack!

Benson's favorite part of the party was definitely the cake!
He loved having everyone sing to him,
and he loved the fire!

Benson has become much more skilled at opening presents...

The Buzz doll was a HUGE hit!

We are so in love with our little Benson and feel so blessed that he chose our family!
Happy birthday Beni Boo!

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