Tuesday, November 1, 2016

DAY 1689... Halloween Shenanigans

Our Halloween festivities kicked off with our ward Trunk or Treat.
Things have been pretty crazy at our house with all of Spencer's interviews,
so I needed a good project to keep me distracted.
This Cheshire cat kept me distracted.
We put the cat on the back of the van,
had our sign next to the van,
and played music from Alice in Wonderland the entire time.
Music makes everything so much more magical!

It was definitely the BEST trunk or treat we have ever attended.
There were so many cars and so many people.
My kids loved it!

The best part about the whole thing might have been the weather!
It was perfect!
Usually Halloween is gross in Rexburg,
but we got lucky this time around!

Benson got a little too comfortable with grabbing candy out of buckets.

He actually seemed more interested in all of the pumpkins.
He is obsessed with pumpkins.

Aniston loved that everyone called her Alice,

but she doesn't like having the option to grab her own candy.
She would prefer that you give it to her.

Our next stop was the Straw maze that the ACMS.

We do this every year and it has become one of our favorite traditions.
It was a little wet this year...
but that didn't stop us from enjoy the maze.
The kids probably actually enjoyed the mud more than they did the maze.

We didn't even finish it and may or may not have went out the way we came in...

Next was the Hemming Village Hocus Pocus.
This would have been our 4th year attending this event,
but Saturday morning all of our plans took a turn for the worse...

Our kids were both diagnosed with upper respiratory infections.
but don't worry,
it gets better.
Aniston ended up in the ER that night and received medications and a breathing treatment for croup.

On Halloween Aniston had her Halloween party at school,
which she missed because she was sick.

But we hit up our medical center for their annual Trick or Treat off the Street.
This is our 3rd year attending this event,
and it's definitely one of our favorites!
It's warm,
great candy,
and safe.
We will definitely miss this next year.
I figured it was pretty safe to bring the kids there because our doctor told us to come even if we were sick.

We made it to 3 houses for trick or treating. 
Then my kids were just done.
and ready for bed.

We tried something new this year,
something that we probably will continue.

We offered the kids of option of picking a couple of pieces of candy to keep,
and then leaving the rest for the Candy Witch who would replace their candy with a toy.

I don't care so much about sugar,
I know,
but Spencer does,
and so this was the solution that we came up with.

This Halloween definitely was not our finest, 
but hopefully next year will go much better.

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