Sunday, November 20, 2016

DIY... Advent Calendar

Growing up,
my Mom had this felt advent calendar that we used every year.
I have no idea where it came from,
maybe she made it,
I should probably ask....
But we loved waking up every morning and moving Mary and Joseph one step closer to Bethlehem. 
But somewhere,
it was lost.
And because I can't find a picture of the nativity,
here is a Scary Santa photo from when I was almost 3...

For the past couple of years I have really wanted to replace it,
and make on for my own children.
But I was honestly scared to death!
I don't love working with felt,
and I honestly had no idea where to begin.

So I found this picture on Pinterest,

and I LOVED everything about it.
The color scheme,
the way the figures looked,
it is just awesome.
(You can see her post about her nativity here).

But it wasn't exactly what I was looking for.
I still wanted the kids to move Mary and Joseph up the numbers every day until Christmas Day when Christ is born.

So this is what I came up with.


Let's be honest about one thing though...
The numbers were the BIGGEST pain in the world to cut out!

I had to cut them out during Aniston's dance class (okay maybe spread out across 3 classes) because I needed to be in public in order not to be too hard on myself.
The animals also gave me extreme anxiety and I saved them until the very end to cut out.

I had no patterns so I free handed everything,
I based most of the figures on the Pinterest find,
but I am not an artist,
so I was convinced that everything would turn out looking like blobs.
But they didn't!

Growing up we always left baby Jesus in the star until Christmas morning.
So I am choosing to do the same.

But I am so so so happy with how it turned out.
I used fabric glue to hold everything together,
and my plan is to sew it when I have time,
but I don't have time.
It is so far from perfect...
So don't look too closely,
but I'm totally okay with that.

I just know that this will be in our family for a very long time,
and I hope it becomes one of our favorite traditions like it was for me growing up!

the best part....
There's still time for you to make one!!!!
Just go do it!


  1. So amazing! How big is the calendar? Where did you buy the felt? How did you get Mary and Joseph to stick on so you could still move them?