Monday, November 14, 2016

DAY 1701... Jackson Hole

I really wanted to take our little family to Jackson Hole during the summer.
That didn't happen.
We got way to busy with work and there was never time to get away.
So we decided to take advantage of the AMAZING fall weather,
and drive the 90 minutes to go play in Jackson on Saturday.

Aniston was so into the antlers,

maybe not this one so much,


mirrors (cause we don't have those anywhere else),

and the atmosphere that Jackson Hole has to offer.

Benson was just glad to be out of the car.

Apparently March and November are the off seasons in Jackson Hole,
so it was pretty empty.

We did have some protesters on the corner,
but they were peaceful and just reminding everyone that love conquers all.

For lunch we headed to the Merry Piglets.

I have heard nothing but good about this restaurant,
and you know that I LOVE Mexican food,
and it did not disappoint.

After lunch we headed to the Rec Center for some swimming.
It may seem like a silly thing to do in Jackson,
but we don't have indoor pools in Rexburg.

I highly recommend the Jackson Hole Rec Center.

They have 2 slides,
and the best part is that there is no height requirement.
They both empty into 3 feet of water,
but parents can hold children and go down.

I was so sure that Aniston wouldn't even try,
but she rocked it!
She kept going on the small blue slide over and over all by herself.
it eventually got to the point where she didn't even need us to catch her at the bottom.
She was AMAZING.

She wasn't quite brave enough to go down the big slide on her own,
so I took her on it over and over again.
Not once did I have to "encourage" her to go,
She had to drag me up the stairs.

Beni wanted in on the action and asked over and over to go down the little slide.

It was a BLAST!!!!

It was the perfect little daycation.

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