Monday, November 14, 2016

DAY 1700... Fire Station Field Trip

I love being able to have the flexibility to go with Aniston on her field trips.
Some of my favorite Elementary school memories are my parents coming on field trips with me.
My parents came to Riverfront Park in Spokane with me,
the IMAX,
and my Dad even tagged along on a trip to Washington D.C. 
(pre-911 so we got to do everything!)
I loved having them there,
and I hope Ani and Beni will feel the same way.

We took a field trip to the fire station on Veteran's Day.

It was really the perfect day to go.
The fire station had this HUGE flag hanging outside of it.
It was amazing and beautiful and provided me with an opportunity to teach my children about Veteran's Day.
Not that they listened or anything,
but they thought the flag was really really cool.
Thanks to my brother Jake,
every time Aniston sees an American Flag she yells, "America! Yeah!"
I love that!

This field trip was actually Aniston's favorite field trip that she took last year,
but parents weren't invited last year,
so she was pretty excited about it.
Benson just kept yelling, "Truck" and screaming the entire time.
the terrible two's have hit and they are real!
Aniston didn't have them,
but her brother is on an entirely different level.
I am basically losing my Mom mind!

 I loved reading all the sweet notes that the elementary aged students have written to the fire fighters.
I love that they had them all displayed.
The elementary school age is so perfect.
They know what they want to be when they grow up,
and income and danger isn't even an issue.
They just follow their heart and there's something so amazing about that.

This cute girl!
She was a little shy during the field trip,
but there were a TON of kids there so I get it.
Pretty sure my sweet girl has a little bit of anxiety.
But it was so much fun to be able to try on firefighter gear!

Going inside of the trucks was a huge hit!
I even got to go in!
Basically I had to because Benson wanted to go in but wouldn't do it by himself and wouldn't let anyone else touch him,
but still cool

Let's be honest.
The second face was his face the entire time...

When I ask Aniston what she wants to be when she grows up,
she tells me someone who helps animals.
I assumed she meant a vet,
but no.
She wants to help them get unstuck.
So she listened very well while the firefighter talked about saving animals.

I LOVE this flag that they had hanging in the station.

 Both my children LOVED the fire pole.
They get that from their Mom.
Just kidding.
But not.
But really Mom and Dad,
totally joking.

I always carry around Smarties with me.
They are the BEST bribe and don't get their faces all messy.
It kept Benson totally quiet during the CPR talk the kids got.

We also got to go see and climb through the ambulance. 
 They flashed the ambulance lights which pretty much made everyone smile!
Except for Aniston in this picture...

We had so much fun on our field trip!
We were so grateful to have the opportunity to say thank you to all of EMT's and firefighters in our community!

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