Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Everything You've Missed... October 2016 Edition

I LOVE October!
The trees have changed colors,
the weather is usually close to perfect,
you can eat soup every single day.

I just love it!

Our October went by very quickly!
So not fair!
Especially when months like February seem to last F-O-R-E-V-E-R!

Just a cowboy and his horse...

Yes, Just yes.

The straw maze with teenagers in the freezing rain...
We had a BLAST!

Night out at the CM dinner.

Dentist time.

When you find boots that share your name...
you just buy them.


Aniston loves having curly hair for church!

This boy is so over nursery.

Feeding the ducks.
Before they did us wrong.

Love the colors of Fall!

Girl power!

She waited by this window all day for a package to come from UPS.

My dude and my sass!

I may or may not have drove home wearing this mask...

Straw maze fun.
Also my hair is crazy thick.
That's only 1 of 2 braids....
equally thick.

Tired bunnies.

 This girl LOVES Texas Roadhouse.
The peanuts are her favorite part!

Of all the places to sit,
he always chooses this corner.

Sick Halloween babies.

That smile though.

Cowboy dancing.

They LOVE Jack!

The Halloween store!

Dancing with the dead!

It's so hard to be patient!

They love to read me my bedtime story!

October was great!
I'm so excited to start getting into the Holiday months!!!!

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