Friday, November 18, 2016

This is Us... Fall 2016 Family Photos

Is anyone else even mildly obsessed with the show This is Us?
LOVE it!!!
I love everything about it!

I got our family pictures back last night,
and I'm convinced it's a good sign when you bust up laughing several times while looking through them.
Taking pictures with a family,
especially with Spencer and Benson,
is really tough!
They both HATE taking pictures.
Lucky for them they have me in their life so they need to learn to suck it up because it ain't never gonna stop.

We had Megan Jackson take our pictures for a couple reasons...
One of the biggest ones was that Aniston LOVES her and her husband and I knew that we would get good pictures out of her if Megan took them.
She also is easy to work it,
the price was perfect,
and I LOVE the way they turned out!

I LOVE these little behind the scenes shots that she took!
I have always been a fan of pictures like these,
but I have none of me because I'm always the one taking them!

You guys...
Benson's lips in these next pictures....
I am so OBSESSED with his lips!

More behind the scenes!

I tell you what.
Aniston can rock the camera!
I hope that Benson grows out of his hating picture taking stage soon because I'm pretty sure he will be just as adorable as Ani when he tries!

I love this one too!
Benson's face....

Aniston winking...
Of course she is winking in the 1 picture that Beni is really smiling for.
Life with kids my friends!

If you're in the Rexburg area check Megan out!
You can view her business Facebook page here!


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