Saturday, November 5, 2016

DAY 1694... The Day the Ducks Attacked

We are HUGE fans of feeding the ducks,
or the birds and Aniston calls it.
Thank you Mary Poppins.
My kids just LOVE it.
Basically it is a free activity that is fun and safe and something the entire family can enjoy.

Yeah right!

This was my life while feeding the ducks yesterday...

Poor Beni was so upset that he couldn't understand that by just letting the bread go, 
the ducks would leave him alone.

Dropping the bag of bread was super terrifying!
Trying to pick it up was basically a nightmare.

They just kept coming!!!

I definitely stepped on like 3 of them while trying to escape.
Super shocked that they all survived....


These ducks are starving!

I just love how Aniston was convinced that if she held her hands over her head that they wouldn't come near her....

At one point my children were both crying because they legit thought I was going to die.
These ducks were insane!
Maybe it's because the weather has gotten colder so people aren't feeding them as much,
but they were terrifying!
They were biting me,
on top of me,
and super aggressive.
(You can bet that because I was a cheerleader and coached for several years that I just cheered out the word "aggressive" so I spelled it correctly. Old habits die hard.)

Seriously though,
these ducks were out of control.

What am I suppose to do with all my leftover and old bread now?
Because I'm pretty sure that my kids will not be wanting to feed the ducks anytime soon.

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