Monday, October 31, 2016

5 Things I Learned From The Nightmare Before Christmas

I truly believe that The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of the most underrated movies of all time.
I watched this video on YouTube a few weeks ago,
and I was just blown away by the process it took to make this movie!
Watch it!

That is true dedication!

Since my children are (still) requesting to watch this movie 3-5 times a day,
I pretty much have it memorized.
And I have learned quite a few things as I have watched it repeatedly with them.

1. Elected Officials are Not Capable of Making Decisions on Their Own

This movie was in the early 90's,
and obviously politicians were a mess back then too.
Of course it's nothing like the presidential election that we're facing today,
but still probably not the best, right?

I just love this part of the movie!
It's so brutally honest,
and it is so true!
I just love brutal honesty!
And it was a brief adult moment.
Why are politics such a mess???

2. Your Best is Always Enough

I love this song.
I think that it's so important for people to realize that doing the very best that you are capable of doing in any situation,
is enough.
Everyone's best is different,
but when you do your best,
that will always be enough.
The tough part is actually doing your best.
Sometimes it's really hard and requires a lot more work than we are willing to put into it.
But you will leave stories,
and make memories,
if you do your best.
I truly believe,
doing your best will always be worth it.

3. Have Faith

Faith can be a really tricky topic.
It's so hard to believe in something that you cannot see.
It's why people put up so many Christmas decorations,
so that you can see some of the magic and feel it.

Having faith can be really hard,
especially when you can't physical see what you want so hard to believe in.

Just because you cannot see something,
doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.
Just have faith.

4. Everyone Has Feelings

I think sometimes that we forget that every single person has feelings.
But every person,
regardless of race,
has feelings.
Sometimes I forget that powerful people,
or even celebrities have feelings.
Sometimes people seem untouchable or unmovable,
but that's never the case.
Everyone has feelings.

5. The Grass is Not Always Greener on the Other Side

Sometimes we look at people and think or wonder about how great it would be on their side of the fence.
However, even those people tend to want more,
or feel unhappy in the life they're in.
We need to be thankful for the things and the people that we have in our lives.
We need to take advantage of our days and the time that we do have,
instead of spending our time wishing we we someone else,
or wishing that we had something more.
The grass is not always greener on the other side.

I just love this movie.
I actually wasn't allowed to watch it growing up,
so I didn't see it until I was 18,
but I love it now.
It just kind of goes to show that it's doesn't really matter how how things are packaged,
you can learn something from just about anything and everyone.


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