Friday, October 28, 2016

DAY 1686... This is Me

1. I LOVE pumpkin patches
This is probably a HUGE understatement, but it's so true! I actually have plans drawn up for the pumpkin patch that I will own someday. It changes a little every year, but that's just because I find new and exciting things I want to add. There is something so magical about pumpkins patches and the memories that are made there. I would love to be a part of that tradition and provide a place for families to make memories, and for people to come and celebrate the fall.

2. I love the smell of skunks
I just really enjoy that smell. I know that it's totally weird and totally not normal. Spencer will actually slow the car down for me when he smells it so that I can smell it as long as possible. Luckily, he doesn't mind the smell. Skunks also happen to be my most favorite animal. The way they waddle just melts my heart. I wouldn't mind owning one someday. It is actually legal in some states to own a skunk.

3. I'm an over-sharer
I really have no boundaries when it comes to sharing. I take responsibility for my past and for the mistakes that I have made, and I have no problem sharing them with others. Basically, I have diarrhea of the mouth. But I don't see any shame in hiding who I am, because my past and the mistakes that I have made, made me who I am today.

4. I have a Masters Degree in Sports Management/Athletic Administration
I have always loved sports! I played softball for years. Dabbled in basketball, tennis, football and soccer. And then participated in cheerleading for years. The 4 years I coached competitive cheerleading were some of my best memories! I miss coaching every single day! So when I went to get my master's I decided to do it in something that I know that I would enjoy. And it was probably the best educational experience of my life. I enjoyed my classes (except for the 1 accounting class they made me take - gross), I never dreaded my homework, and I hope that someday, I can get back into coaching or become an athletic director, for a small university or high school, and continue my passion for sports.

5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE anything Les Miserables
Remember how in order to prepare baby Aniston for Les Miserables, I forced her to listen to the soundtrack for a year? Half of which she was still in the womb for. But it worked and I was able to sit through the entire movie with her because she too fell in love with the music. I love the book, the music, the movie (minus some minor annoyances in casting), and the musical. I have been able to attend several different productions of the musical and have LOVED them all. There is something so raw and so personal about it that just speaks to me! Of course I could say the same thing about Sweeney Todd.... But Les Miserables is simply my favorite!

6. I have moved over 30 times
I guess I can't take credit for this one because it was mostly with my parents when I was younger. But it's definitely the truth. We lived mostly on the West Coast, with the exception of Missouri. I always get asked where my favorite place was, and that was probably Hawaii, although I would never live there again. It was great as a dependent, but it's just to expensive to provide for a family and live there. I would definitely visit though! It's difficult when people ask where I grew up or where I'm from because I honestly don't know. I don't claim anywhere as home. I'm basically homeless...

7. I never wanted to graduate from college
My only intention of ever going to college was to get married So naturally, I graduated from college without being married. Haha! The big guy upstairs cracks me up sometimes. We actually have a really good relationship and he so gets me. I'm so glad now that I do have a college education and a degree. Multiple degrees. Gives Aniston and Benson absolutely no excuse to slack off. Education is really important to me and so I'm glad that I can give my children that example.

8. Christian Bale was my first celebrity crush at age 8
I was 8 years old and my Grandma put on Little Women on the VCR. It. Was. Over. Christian Bale in Little Women was my favorite! I remember getting the movie for Christmas that year and it was quite possibly the best gift ever! My slight obsession with Christian Bale was quickly followed by crushing on Joshua Jackson in the Mighty Ducks. Ahhhhh. Young love. I will still watch any movie with Christian Bale in it though. He brings out the 8 year old fan girl in me.

9. I struggle with OCD
Maybe it's not so much a struggle, because I don't mind it, but it drives Spencer crazy! He will even clean the house for me, and then I will re-clean it because it was doesn't the way that I need it to be done. The closet doors have to be completely closed in order for me to fall asleep at night. The house has to be clean in order for me to sleep at night. And if I hit my right leg on the door frame, my left leg needs to hit the door frame just to make it even. Super fun.

10. I LOVE reality TV
I just do. I will watch all of it all of the time! I love them all basically. Enough said... This may explain my intense love for Hulu and Netflix.

11. I am half blind in my left eye
When I was 10, I was outside playing with my cousins in the dirt. One of my older cousins threw a small shovel and it hit me in the left eye. It tore my retina. Over the years is progressively gets worse, but it's kind of entertaining. I like to look at things with my right eye and then with my left and the difference is crazy! Someday I will find a super cute pair of glasses because I REFUSE to wear contact lenses (they really creep me out), and then I will not be so blind... Until then, it's probably safe to suggest not to drive with me if I'm driving at night. It's a definite struggle.

12. I use to want 13 kids
And now I'm satisfied with 2. Haha! When I was really young, I wanted 7 kids and I wanted to name them after the 7 dwarfs. Thank goodness that phase ended. But then for whatever reason I moved up to 13. I had pages and pages of names... Spencer vetoed every single one of them.

13. I could watch Fever Pitch and The Holiday on repeat... forever
I LOVE Fever Pitch! Probably because I have a weird little elevator crush on Jimmy Fallon. And I don't even know what it is about The Holiday, but I LOVE it! I will just never get tired of those two movies even if I tried. If Spencer is out of town ever you can be guaranteed that one of those two movies will be playing on the TV in my bedroom while I curl up and get comfy.

14. I enjoy singing
I sang in choir for 7 years throughout school and have recorded a couple of songs. It's not something that I do a lot in front of a lot of people because of my anxiety, but I really do enjoy it. I enjoy doing it more now that Aniston likes to do it with me. But honestly, my dream career would probably enjoy singing somehow.

15. My favorite food is nachos
I LOVE NACHOS!!! Every kind! I have had low carb nachos... love (see recipe HERE), seafood nachos... love, 7-11 nachos... love, normal nachos... love. I just love them all. Make or buy me nachos and I am a happy girl! Add chips and salsa to the deal and I'll be smitten!

  16. I am not capable of delegating
I hate delegating. I have never ever had a good delegating experience. Even when I write everything down that needs to be done, as detailed as I can possibly be, it has never ended well for me. It probably is related to my OCD, but I would rather do everything myself so that I know it's done right and done the way that I need it done.

17. I over document my life
Between this blog, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and the walls of my house, my life is over documented. I just love pictures and videos so much! I want my children to be able to look back and watch all the videos and look at all their pictures and be reminded about the good old days! Memories are like one of my most favorite things ever and so to be able to have them or watch them just really means a lot to me.

18. I can fit 32 green grapes in my mouth at one time
It's just a skill...

19. You should never joke with me about food. Ever.
This is one of Spencer's favorite hobbies, but it never goes over well with me. Don't tell me you're bringing home a certain kind of food and then not bring it home. You will be expected to turn right around and go get it. Don't talk to me about food and then expect me not to want it. Just don't joke about food period. It never ends well.

20. I hate Christmas caroling and carolers. 
There are very few things that make me as uncomfortable as Christmas caroling. I find it weird and just really awkward. I actually will not open my front door if you come caroling to my house. It's just very awkward. I didn't ask you to come sing to me, and chances are it's going to sound like a bad audition off of American Idol and how can I not laugh at that?

So basically that's me. I don't make excuses or apologies for the way I am because I'm not here to change or be anything anyone else wants me to be. I welcome suggestions, but I am who I am and that is what makes me me!

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