Wednesday, October 19, 2016

DAY 1674... Patches, Pumpkins, and Pranks

Pumpkin Patches just happen to be one of my most favorite things ever!
It is one of my dreams to own my own amazing pumpkin patch someday.
I actually have plans all drawn up.
They change every year, 
but only for the better!

One of my most favorite traditions is taking our family photo on the hay!
We have done it every year for the past 6 years!
It's my FAVORITE!!!

This is by far our favorite place to go in Idaho Falls.
We have gone every year since we've moved to Rexburg.
It will be sad to not visit it next year,
but it will be awesome because we will finally be in the real world!

Benson doesn't really like to get dirty,
so he didn't love playing with the pumpkins.

he is still feeling a little under the weather.
See the picture below...

Those crossed feet though...

Both kids LOVED riding in the wagon.
Probably a little selfish to have used it to cart around my kids while other people were carrying enormous pumpkins cause there were no wagons left...

Benson finally smiled when he saw the train.
He LOVES trains!

Someone pinch me!
These are my kids!
I made that!

Pure love!

Both kids LOVED climbing up the big hay bales.
It was so fun that Benson was old enough to play around while we were there this year.

We ended up buying our pumpkins from Walmart.
We made it out to the patch a little late this year,
so Walmart was our best option.

This girl.
She is hilarious!

Aniston's face!

Tears and sass.

Benson kept eating the pumpkin when he was scooping out the insides.

Would you expect anything else from our Nightmare Before Christmas loving family?
Spencer free handed Oogie Boogie,
and I had to use a stencil to handle the much simpler Jack.
Moral of the story,
my husband is an amazing artist!

The kids are OBSESSED!
Especially when we light them up.
Benson points them out every time he passes them in the kitchen.
We don't put them outside,
since Aniston's pumpkin was stolen last year.
It was a big ordeal and I really don't want to go through that again.
But it's fun at night to turn off all the lights and to let them glow.

A few weeks back,
Spencer and I bought this creepy shower curtain at the Halloween Store to scare my Mom.
It definitely freaked her out a little (see video below).
But the joke's on me...
Now my kids are terrified of Nana's bathroom.
Benson actually won't even walk down the hall unless I hold his hand because he is scared of it.

I just LOVE October! 
changing leaves,
pumpkin patches,

My kid's Halloween costumes are to die for this year!
I can't wait to show you soon!


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