Tuesday, October 4, 2016

General Conference Fall 2016

It's such a great time to refuel and to reconnect with what's most important.
It's 2 days of such uplifting material and focus on the Gospel.

I really wanted to be able to pay attention as much as I could this time around, 
so I made sure to load the kiddos up with plenty of activities.
Because we all know that if they aren't happy,
ain't no one happy.

We made General Authority Bags.
I placed a picture of each General Authority on the outside of a bag.
Aniston would watch conference and then find the picture on the bag of who was speaking.

It was amazing how well it worked!
Inside the bags were Dollar Tree treats and toys.

We also colored ties,
played General Conference Matching games,
and colored in our General Conference books.

I was really touched by Aniston's desire to want to watch conference this year.
She insisted that we all stand when the Prophet entered the room,
and she paid pretty close attention.

I like to take notes by using my Rhonna App on my phone and creating the quotes.
I over-posted on Instagram like crazy this weekend,
as I posted 6 quotes for every session,
except for Priesthood session where I only did 3.

I had a lot of people ask if they could use the quotes,
so I have attached both a Word document (if you want to alter the sizes),
and a PDF version.

I order them from Sticky9,
which prints them off as magnets and use them on my fridge.
This way a see them every day,
multiple times a day.

There was so much good during this General Conference.
I mean typically it's great,
but I just needed it so much more this time around.
we all get something different out of conference,
and these quotes are what stuck out to me the most.

Click HERE to get free printable's. (WORD)
Click HERE to get free printable's. (PDF)

To learn more about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and General Conference,
click HERE.

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