Thursday, October 6, 2016

Everything You Missed... September 2016 Edition

September flew by!
I love September for so many reasons!
Great weather,
fall begins,
there's something about September the makes me think fresh and crisp.

We had a lot of fun this September.
So many amazing memories!

We got invited to the VIP opening of the new Sonic by an old tenant.
I couldn't have any,
but the family loved it!

Seems like the only logical choice right?

Turns out my children LOVE calamari!
Who knew...

Sunday vibes.

Waiting the the car while Spencer is shooting.

Aniston loves to pull Benson around.
Benson doesn't love it so much.

Spencer actually took Benson out in public with his hair like this....

Sometimes they play nice.

I love it when tenant's parents bring me treats!

 Zuster (Dutch) Baker was just trying to show him some love...

We love our missionaries!

So handsome!

Live long and prosper!

We have been practically living at the Halloween Store!
My kids are obsessed!

Sometimes I go to 3 different restaurants to get the dinner that everyone wants...
It's almost more work than actually making dinner.

Spencer thought this doll would be funny...

These two in church clothes...

Sometimes Captain Crunch and a foot massage are a must have.

I love this little guy!

Aniston was so patient at the ER while Benson was being checked out.
So looks like a teenager!

My country babes.

The 3 best friends that anyone could ever have!

She is obsessed with the Owl Sweater!

General Conference Women's Session with my beautiful momma!

He slept like this for a while...

Ani insisted on a picture...

Who wore it best?
Bag or Jenn???

My bff!

He rocked those girl nerd glasses!

 The Halloween Store is scary!

Saying goodbye to Zuster Baker!

Ani loves America!

I have no idea where she learns these things!

He is an amazing climber!

He still wants more despite the fact that he's freezing!

2nd year of gymnastics and dance is going great!

Getting their aggression out.

Sometimes the Halloween store is scary.

Again... Where does she learn these things?

Dancing in the rain.

Finding his groove.

She can wink!

We love picking up Ani from school!

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