Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Picture Perfect

Lately I have received quite a few comments about how perfect my family looks.
This statement couldn't be further from the truth!

Although I love my family,
and tend to think that they are pretty perfect at times,
we are not even close to perfection.

I would like to share a story with you that happened to our family in July.

I was coming home late from a long day at Girl's Camp,
where I didn't have any phone service.
As soon as I got into cell range I received a text from Spencer that said,
"I'm so so sorry."
The rest of the texts didn't come through for several minutes and my heart was racing.
What could've happened?
Were the kids okay?
Was the house okay?
Was Spencer okay?
What happened?
It was the worst kind of suspense.

while playing in the living room,
Aniston had gotten her neck/head stuck between our two couches which had been situated in an "L" shape.
(the below picture is them pushed closer together to avoid this situation again)

Spencer had actually fallen asleep in the toy room and wasn't sure how long Aniston had been stuck for or how long she had been crying and screaming,
but eventually her cries woke him up and he was able to help her break free.

It was one of those moments that just happens.
It wasn't anyone's fault.
I certainly don't blame Spencer at all.
It's exhausting watching our two little crazies all day,
I myself have been known to fall asleep on the job more than once.
Maybe like once a day actually...
It wasn't something that we even considered could happen.
Do you consider your couches to be dangerous?
We certainly didn't.
Thankfully she wasn't seriously hurt or injured.

It was a moment that brought awareness to our family.
It was a great learning experience.
We have since arranged the couches in a manner that would prevent this from ever happening again.

Her bruises for the next week that covered her neck and face just broke my heart.
She said that they didn't hurt,
but it just looked so awful!

They were a constant reminder that things could change in an instant.
They were a reminder to hold your loved ones a little tighter,
to thank our Heavenly Father for our family and the blessings they bring into our lives,
and they were a reminder that no one is perfect.

When people suggest that my family looks perfect,
maybe it's because we are happy.
Because we are really happy.
Not always,
but overall we are happy and satisfied with our lives.
We work really hard to spend time with each other,
keep traditions alive,
make memories with each other,
and to put family first.

We also argue like crazy,
drive each other nuts,
and need alone time every now and then.
But that doesn't mean that we aren't constantly striving to love each other completely.
It doesn't mean that we don't put each other first.
It doesn't mean that we wouldn't give up everything else for each other.
It simply means that we love each other and are 100% human.

My family is far from perfect,
but we are perfectly happy trying really hard to have the best life we can with each other.

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