Friday, May 13, 2016

DAY 1710... Field Trip to the Zoo

Can you really call it a zoo if there are no elephants,
or hippos?

I was curiously about this so I googled, "What constitutes a zoo."
Google informed me...

zoo (short for zoological park, zoological garden, or animal park, and also called a menagerie) is a facility in which animals are confined within enclosures, displayed to the public, and in which they may also be bred.

So there you have it.
The zoo in Idaho Falls,
is indeed a zoo.
Pretty sure my parents house is a zoo.
They have chickens that are visible to the public....

This was Aniston's last field trip of the school year.

I cannot believe that in 2 weeks she graduates from preschool!
How did the school year pass so quickly?
I seriously feel like it was just yesterday that we dropped her off for her first day!
Is this how fast life is going to go from now on?
Are my children just going to grow at warp speed and pretty soon I'm be super old with no babies to love on me?
Not awesome.

It was the worst day to go on a field trip.
Don't believe me?
Think I'm exaggerating?
There were 30 schools/organizations there on Friday.
Aniston was not thrilled about having to wait in line to use the bathroom.
Neither was I.
You never know with a little one if it's even going to be possible for them to hold it.
we made it.
We weren't thrilled about the lines,
but we made it

I guess everyone is trying to cram in all the last minute field trips before school ends.
It was a complete mad house.
Our preschool didn't even stay together.
Each child was assigned a buddy and they just kind of went off on their own.

My Mom came with us (thank goodness)
and she pushed Benson around in the stroller,
which was pointless because there was like no room to push a stroller,
while I kept track of Ani and her buddy.
Thank goodness for that woman and her patience!!!!

Waiting is the worst!

So beautiful!

It was a gorgeous day!
But still...
I cannot get over 30 schools in the tiniest zoo I have ever been to in my life!
The zoo probably needs all the money it can get and never says no to any organization coming to visit.

Aniston has always loved to pet goats.
It's weird and hilarious,
but true.

Her she is at Disneyland in 2013 petting the goats.

I'm sad that the petting zoo will no longer be there,
because it was a nice relaxing,
hardly ever busy area.
But I'm not that sad because....

Let's not talk about how a little boy pushed his way to the front of the line when it was Aniston's turn to drink and shoved her out of the way and took a 5 minute long drink of water.
I may or may not have lost my mind with him.
Don't raise your kids to be jerks!

The biggest hit of the zoo was the ginormous turtle.
it's probably a tortoise,
but I don't really don't know.
The sucker was HUGE though.

Aniston also has a really weird obsession with flamingo's.
So those were pretty great too!

2 years ago for Halloween,
Aniston was a Peacock.

She still remembers this,
and LOVES peacocks because of it.
She tried to chase one around the eating area at the zoo.
But luckily it knew better than to let her get too close.

I know she may look all innocent with her hands like that,
but trust me,
there were some crazy ideas running through that head of hers.

I promise she isn't choking her brother,
but I'm not sure what is even happening here.

When we were leaving, we saw this super cute bear bench and thought it would  be cute for a picture...

Literally 2 seconds later, 
the bench fell over and my kids with it.
Luckily my mom caught Benson and I grabbed Aniston,
but we highly recommend not ever sitting on these benches at the zoo.
Not as cute as they look.

We were suppose to eat lunch in the zoo,
but they banned food because people were feeding the animals and it wasn't turning out so great for the animals.
We thought about eating at the park next to the zoo, but based on he 7 school buses and sold out parking,
we opted to drive and find another,
less busy,
park to eat at.

The minute we unfolded the blanket, 
Benson made himself comfortable.
The zoo is exhausting don't ya know.

This was the first time that Ani got to use her lunch box that came with her backpack.
She was pretty excited about it.

Benson dug right into his lunchable and ate every single piece of cheese in about 3 bites.

Pro cracker sandwich maker.

Benson has this weird thing about crossing thresholds.
He always hesitates and it kind of scares him.
I'm a little bit obsessed with the fact that I caught his hesitation on camera.
It seriously is the funniest thing to watch him contemplate whether or not it's worth it to cross a threshold.
And he does it,

my friends,
is my Mom at the top of the play structure!
She climbed all the way up and went down the slide because Ani asked her to.

Daddy showed up and met up with us after his classes were done,
and it made everything so much better!

Of course he partook in his usual American Ninja Warrior nonsense.

These pictures....
this is how hugs go wrong at our house.

Despite the fact that it was insanely crowded and a little frustrating,
we had a great time at the zoo.

It was one of those days where I had to put aside my anxiety,
that immediately arose when I found out how crowded it would be,
and let me kids enjoy the day and the opportunity.
So thankful for the opportunities that Aniston has had with her preschool,
and so so so thankful that my Mom could come with us!

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