Thursday, May 26, 2016

Three Things Thursday... Naming Your Children

Naming your children is an insane process.
It's the name that they will know and have for the rest of their lives.
With the current trends and popular baby names,
I sometimes shake my head.
It's terrifying picking out a name for your child.

Here are definitely 3 things that people never told me about naming my children.

1. Your husband (spouse) has veto power.

I'm pretty sure that I had my children's names picked out since I was 5.
Of course they changed over the years,
I only wanted 7 kids named after the 7 dwarfs for a couple years,
but I was pretty sure that I had chosen the perfect names for my future kids.
My husband vetoed,
I didn't even know that was possible!
And then you have 9 months to start from square one.
Choosing names by yourself is difficult enough,
but when there's two of you that need to agree on a name...
There's a reason it takes a baby 9 months to grow.
So that you can agree on a name.

Every time Spencer thought he had found the perfect name, 
I either hated it,
or hated someone who had that name and I didn't want to associate that name with my child.
And vice versa.
Two very stubborn and opinionated people picking out baby names...
there's a reality show for you!

2. The insurance people at the hospital will pressure you for a name.

Spencer and I decided together that we were not going to name our children before they were born.
We would make a list of names before the babies are born,
but we like to get to know them a little while after they are born to make sure we are giving them the right name.
Aniston remained unnamed for about 48 hours,
and Benson for about 24 hours.
I swear the insurance people at the hospital came into my room like every hour to ask if we had decided on a name yet.
And as a sore,
new mom,
overwhelmed with everything,
I was pretty annoyed by that.
Naming your baby is a big deal,
so I will tell you when I'm ready thank you very much.

3. It's completely your decision.

I had no idea that people would pressure me when it came to naming my baby.
I had no idea that other people were allowed to have an opinion on my child's name.
And let's be honest,
they aren't.
But they think that they do.
I don't care if you don't like the name I chose for my baby,
I don't care if you think I spell it wrong.
It's my child,
and I chose that name for a reason.
Don't let other people pressure you when it comes to naming your baby.
You don't have to know the name before the baby is born,
and you don't have to know the name right after the baby is born.
You don't have to give your child a family name if it's not something you're interested in.

Naming your child is completely your decision.
If people don't like the name that you have chosen,
sucks to be them.
Good thing it's not their kid.

Never let anyone bully you about naming your baby.
It is 100% your decision!

Giving your child a name is a difficult and challenging thing.
There are so many options,
and so many things to consider when it comes to giving your baby a name.

But just remember that it is your choice and don't let anyone take the joy of naming your child away from you.

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