Monday, May 23, 2016

DAY 1717... Aniston's Dance Recital

That's wrap on our dance year folks.

Remember how she is the youngest,
but the biggest????
Also keep in mind that on picture day,
she was throwing up every 30 minutes.
She rocked the heck out of that photo shoot!

Maybe the flash was a little bright....

It has been an amazing year when it comes to dance and gymnastics.
Aniston has grown immensely in her social skills and athletic skills.
She had the most patient teachers,
and she really learned how to listen and take instruction.
From everyone but Mom and Dad that is...

Remember her video from her very first day of class???

Aniston is so not that kid anymore.
She listens better,
she performs better,
and I can tell that her self esteem has grown like crazy!
That is exactly what I wanted for her,
and I'm just so thrilled that this actually accomplished that for her.

She may not be the world's best or most coordinated dancer,
but hey,
she's only 3.

Her dance recital was amazing!
I am such a proud mom.
I know I already talked about this before,
but it really is a dream come true to watch her perform.
It's one of the moments that I had always dreamed of before I had children,
it was one of those moments that I couldn't wait to experience.

And let me tell you what...
The actual experience of watching my own child perform has not disappointed one bit!

Her wave and smile!!!
That's when the tears started pouring!

My brother stopped by during dress rehearsal since he wasn't going to be able to come to the actual performance,
and it made Ani's day!
She loves her Uncle Ry to the moon and back!

he is a GREAT kid,
and and even better uncle!

My parents were able to come to the actual recital.
Bless my Dad's heart!
I'm sure he thought that he was done with all this nonsense when I graduated from High School.
Not quite.
But he survived!
I know that these memories will mean the world to Aniston someday,
and I am forever grateful that they are able to support her so much right now.
I'm sure it means a lot to them too to be able to be a part of her life.

Aniston was pretty excited to have her first dozen roses!

Beni was excited for them too, 
but sister had no interest in sharing.

Spencer also was a major trooper during Ani's recital.
Dance and cheer and that kind of thing do not interest him whatsoever.
I coached cheer for 4 years and he never came to my competitions ever...
It's just not his thing.

It was a wonderful experience to have Aniston in a dance class this past year,
but Spencer and I firmly agree that we will not push our children to do anything based off our own selfish desires.
It's their choice as to what they want to do,
and how they want to spend their time,
and we will do whatever we can in our power to help them experience as many things as possible.
So when I asked Aniston what she wanted to do in the fall she said,
Without hesitation.
So there you have it folks.
As of this fall,
I will officially be a soccer mom.
And I cannot wait!!!!

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