Saturday, May 7, 2016

DAY 1703... Dinosaurs, ducks, discs and dives.

Our Spring got off to a pretty rough start with a super nasty flu.
I mean so nasty that I cannot even give you details nasty.
We were quarantined to the house couch for days and it was absolutely awful!
It's absolutely heartbreaking to see your children sick and know that there's nothing you can really do.
stay home if your kids or you are sick!!!!
Don't spread it around!
So not cool!
One of my biggest pet peeve's!
That and when people don't get consequences for bad actions.

As soon as the kids started perking up a little,
we decided to seize the day and take advantage of the gorgeous weather
and the energy that we had.

For months we have been meaning to hit up the Museum of Idaho for their dinosaur exhibit.

Aniston asks about the dinosaurs every time she see their billboards,
and their billboards are everywhere!
So basically I knew when to turn the music up so that I wouldn't have to hear the same question over and over again....
I'm not that mean of a parent,
but you get the idea.
So finally,
 we made it happen.

Aniston was so excited!

We made sure to go at a time when older kids were in school and when we thought it would be pretty empty.
We basically hit that right on the nose.
We were the only ones there and that made the entire experience so much more enjoyable!
Am I the only one who gets super annoyed by other people's ill-mannered children?
I get the case of serious Mama bear when we are at the park,
at the library,
basically anywhere where there are other kids who have apparently not been taught by their parents how to interact with other children and how to be nice.
Drives me crazy!

Benson and Aniston had so much fun that it was hard to leave!
What I loved about this exhibit is that you could touch everything,
take pictures,
and have a good interactive time.
That makes a world of difference when it comes to children!!!
Although I loved the Bodies exhibit and the Titanic exhibit they have had in the past,
my kids would have been bored to death of those.
I loved how kid friendly this exhibit really was.

You weren't suppose to touch the bear.
Our bad.
Talk about ill-mannered children geez.

 Ani's loved digging for fossils and trying on the dinosaur costumes.

Benson loved digging for fossils as well and then playing with the dinosaur toys and the dinosaur eggs.

But the hit of the museum was the children's room upstairs that is always there and never changes.
There are tunnels to crawl in,
a log cabin to play in,
clothes to dress up in,
animals to play with,
and since we had the room all to ourselves,
we played in there for quite a while.
It was perfect!

Aniston is really into playing make believe right now,
so she was in absolute heaven!
Does anyone else just sit outside the room while their kids are playing and listen to them?
Probably one of my favorite things to do.
Total creeper status.

As you can see,
Benson's binky has returned.
He was totally weaned off it 
but when he got sick nothing could console him and he couldn't sleep.
The instant we tried the bink,
everything got better.
He started sleeping.
We started sleeping.
He was easily comforted.
Oh well.
Stupid flu.
We'll weaned him again once he is 100% better.

Benson was struggling a little bit keeping his pants up.
He seriously has the smallest waist ever!
He definitely doesn't get that from me.
Homeboy will be 18 months soon and his waist only fits in 6 month pants...
His pants falling down was pretty entertaining for Spencer and I.
He seemed so confused by it,
but we couldn't help but to laugh.
Don't worry...
I already ordered him some belts and they are on their way to his tiny waist.

It was an afternoon well spent!
It helped that kids 3 and under are free so it just cost for Spencer and I.

While we were there,
Aniston needed to use the restroom.
When we went in,
she turned to me and said, "Mom, I don't need help. I am a big girl now."
She went into her own stall,
locked the door (she yelled out to me, "Mom, I locked the door so nobody can steal me!"),
did her business,
came out,
washed her hands,
and then my heart broke a little because my baby is growing up!

It is disc golf season!!!
This also means that we spend a lot of time at the Nature Park in Rexburg,
which means we feed the ducks pretty much every other day.

Spencer and I played the first 4 holes and I ended up throwing into the canal and having to get in to fetch it out.
It was freezing!
By the time I got out my legs were literally frozen!
I could hardly move them.
My legs ached because they were so cold.
whose brilliant idea was it to put hole 4 right next to the canal?
I will not be throwing on hole 4 ever again...

We bribe the kids to be good by telling them that they can feed the ducks and play at the park if they behave while we play a little.
It works every single time.

Spencer always has to get his American Ninja Warrior on at the park...

Why is feeding the ducks so enjoyable?
The kids love it!
they do not love the hissing goose.
That goose is a BEAST!
If you live in Rexburg you know exactly which goose I'm talking about...

was still feeling a little sick and didn't feel like sharing his bread with the ducks.
Oh well.

We are lucky enough to have friends who have an indoor pool in their neighborhood,
and they let us crash their pool frequently.
Aniston is such a fish!
She would stay in the water all day long if we would let her.
I can't wait until we move to an area that actually has real swimming lessons so that she can learn to swim better and hopefully more often.

That little wedgie though...

The look that every child knows too well...

Benson wasn't feeling so hot and was running a fever.
We were hoping the water would cool him off,
but it didn't.
I'm sure he will have much more fun once we go when he is feeling better.
Also this was a time when his tiny waist came in handy...
I hadn't bought him a swimsuit yet for this year,
but he still fit into his two from last year because his waist hasn't grown.
Winner winner chicken dinner!

Our spring is off to a great start!
I just love spring because it's not too hot,
the air smells amazing,
and we love being outside!
Hooray for Spring!

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