Thursday, May 5, 2016

Everything You Missed... April 2016 Edition

We LOVED April!
Probably because it was the month we got our Daddy back!!!

Aniston got her very first box of 96 crayons!
I remember the day when I got my first box of 96 crayons!

 Benson folding her hands and saying prayers is probably one of my favorite things.
I took pictures during the prayer.

Playing dress up and Nana's and Papa's.

 Endless days of dress up!

My little diva needs her neck pillow in the car.

Trips to the dentist!
No cavities!
Momma wins!

Someday Beni...

Aniston has been asking for a puppy surprise for about a year.
I have been asking for one since I was 5.
Dream come true!

Benson looks so tiny walking next to Spencer!
I love it!

I seriously use the play area at the mall as a bribe to get my shopping done.
It seriously works.

It's disc golf season!!!!!

During checkouts,
one of our tenants brought Aniston some going away gifts.
Seriously it was so nice of him.
She is so obsessed!
It has almost been a month and she still can't stop talking about him!

Benson likes worms.
He likes touching them,
squeezing them,
attempting to eat them.

My partner in crime!

We are longing to hit up D-land.
But the Tiki's at Rumbi will have to suffice for now I guess.
Counting down the days until November 2017!

Benson prefers the flashier things in life.

Sick babies are the WORST!

More prayers!

This was Aniston's face when I told her that we cannot ride Panda Bears.
It was a pretty rough conversation.

Kid's night at Applebee's.
Life is so exciting as a parent!

Aniston loves to help with Benson,
and has since day 1.
I consider this a major blessing in life.
She loves to help brush his teeth! 
It's kind of the best!

Finally we have warm weather!
We are obsessed with Spring,
and smiling!

Big money!

Ryan seriously killed it as Rodney in Done to Death.
I am OBSESSED with watching my brother perform!

Spencer bought me a foot massager and Aniston cannot get enough of it.
She hogs the dang thing every single day!

 More sick babies!

 We needed new pillows and Benson quickly became obsessed with the mattress store!
He needed to lay on every mattress and use every pillow.
And he looked so darn cute doing it!

Dance class is exhausting!


Even Mom got super sick and walked around the house with a bowl just in case....
Super bummer!

Aniston was super helpful when I was sick and she helped me clean the bathroom.
She seriously has the sweetest and biggest heart!

I have never done this before in my life.
Where she learns these things I'll never know!

And I thought I was white....

So much love between these two and it makes my heart sing!

When Benson was sick,
this was the only way that I could get anything done.
It was actually pretty great!
Cuddles for days!

Benson's first taste of soda!

One of my favorite things about Aniston lately is that she sings along with every single song on the radio.
She has the cutest little voice ever!

Get mad Beni!
Get mad!

My brother who is currently serving a mission in Scotland is apparently immortal now...

We don't have stairs at our house so Benson gets his practice in while Aniston is at dance.
Apparently it is hard work!

April was seriously great,
minus the illness that swept our house.

I bet May will even be better!

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