Friday, May 27, 2016

DAY 1725... Aniston's Preschool Graduation

I am a sucker for any type of celebration.
I love absolutely everything associated with celebrating.
The food.
The memories.
The tears.
I am too emotional for my own good so there are always tears.

I was so excited for Aniston's preschool graduation.
I LOVE watching my children accomplish their goals,
or my goals,
and to grow older and learn more.
It doesn't even matter what it is!
I just eat it up!

At this point in my life I feel like everything they accomplish is an accomplishment for me as well.
I am totally the parent who has the big 1st birthday to celebrate even though the child will never remember it simply because I need to celebrate the fact that I kept a baby alive for an entire year.
I survived an entire year of her going to preschool.
I survived an entire year of having a child in school.
I am capable of doing this,
and capable of doing it well,
just like she is.

Aniston has grown so much this year.
Not only has her handwriting improved,

but she learned so much about everything!
I love looking at the difference between her two first and last day papers.
I'm glad she no longer wants to be a puppy when she grows up,
and I'm super impressed that she has already graduated from cartoons to live action favorite movies.
She constantly reminds me that the sun is a very hot star.
She knows her letters and numbers.
Her social skills are 1000 times better than when she started,
and she actually loves going to school.
She thinks she is very grown up now that preschool is over.
I turned around while driving her home from her last day and this is how she was sitting...

Who sits like that in a car seat?

She requested Pizza Pie Cafe,
or Craigo's as we still call it,
(Craigo's forever!!!)
to celebrate her final day of school.

she is eating a salad.
My kids are such good eaters!!!!!
And just look at Beni's hair!!!

My Mom and Ryan were able to come to the graduation,
and all the pictures I took are blurry of them and Ani.
I am sooooooooooooo bummed!
Ryan kept Beni company on the little bench while we waited...

Such a good uncle.
And he is now officially a senior people!!!
Very exciting!

Benson wanted first use of the lei's that Nana brought for Aniston.
I was really excited that my Mom brought extra lei's for Aniston.
My family moved to Hilo, HI during my first year of college,
(don't worry, I visited several times.... it was AMAZING)
so all of my siblings have had the honor of being showered with lei's during their high school graduations.
Since I didn't,
I'm glad that Aniston can.

Aniston was so "professional"  and wouldn't even look at us because she was trying to be so serious!
I just loved that they played the graduation song as she walked in.
Of course,
that's when the tears started flowing.

This video is super long,
so I won't be offended if you don't watch it.

I absolutely loved when they spotlighted Aniston.
They spotlighted every child,
and although it took a little while,
it was worth the wait.
I'm not sure what's better...
The fact that she considers donuts a vegetable or that she considers her best friend to be Benson.

So scholarly...

We LOVE Miss Kari! 
I am so excited Aniston will have her for Pre-K next year too!

Miss Alex and Miss Sydney,
two of her other teachers.

Aniston really was blessed with great teachers!

She was so excited!
I cannot wait to compare this picture to her high school graduation pictures in 14 years!

We will also have to recreate this picture in 2030 when she graduates high school.
Seriously though,
26 years after I graduated high school,
my first born will graduate.
I feel so old!
I cannot get over how beautiful Aniston looks in this picture!
I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful daughter.
I may not still feel that way when she is in high school,
but she is so beautiful!

After her graduation,
we went to Kiwi Loco per her request and celebrated some more.

She loved her graduation present.
This creepy elephant purse that she really wanted.
Good thing it was 50% off because I never would've paid full price for that thing.
But she loves it!

give this girl sprinkles and some fro-yo and she'll be your best friend for life!

I can't believe she has already finished her first year of preschool school
Only 14 years until she graduates from high school!!!
And no...
I'm not counting down the days because I can't even imagine my little Ani leaving me!

I don't care that it's blurry.
Thank you for coming Mom and Ry!

 Someday we will perfect taking pictures as a family...
Right now it's pretty rough...

Congrats Aniston Kate!
We are so proud of you and can't wait to see who you will become!
 You are amazing and we love you!

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