Wednesday, May 25, 2016

DAY 1722... Explosive Date Night

I have always been told about the importance of dating your spouse even after marriage.
It's so hard to find time for date night,
and it's even harder to find a sitter.
Spencer and I have not been the best at making time for date night.
We have actually been horrible about it.
Probably the worst.
So lately,
we have been working hard to pay a little more attention to ourselves and to make date night happen.

Our past 2 date nights have consisted of going shooting.

Growing up,
my Dad always had guns,
so it's nothing foreign to me,
and it's not scary.
At 10 I took a hunter's safety course,
and I work really hard to stay educated when it comes to guns.
I like to know how to shoot,
when it shoot,
and how to protect myself and my family.

I am a firm believer that guns don't kill people,
people kill people.

When Spencer first approached me about getting a gun,
the first thing we talked about is how we could have a gun and how we could make it safe in our home.
Growing up my Dad always kept his guns locked away.
We couldn't get access to them without him.
I desired that same security in my own home.
So we bought a gun safe,
and frequently talk with our children about guns and gun safety.
We have let Aniston look at and touch and hold the guns,
unloaded of course.
She has looked at and held the bullets.
We have talked with her about what happens when you shoot guns.
We have talked about why we shoot guns.
I think that it's really important to her to not be scared of guns.
She doesn't have to have one or shoot one unless she wants to,
but it's important for her to understand how they work.
Knowledge is power.
It is when we fail to educate that it when disasters occur.

Shooting is something that Spencer really enjoys.
I enjoy it as well,
but it's not my go to date night activity.
I'm more about the food.
But marriage is about giving a little right?
And every time we have gone shooting together,
I have had a lot of fun.
More fun than I thought that I would.

I think the best part of the past couple date nights that we have had lately,
is that it has given Spencer the opportunity to teach me about his guns.
It's important to me to be able to learn from my spouse and to be able to be teachable.

The first time we went shooting,
we shot next to the skeleton of a dead cow.
It was pretty intense.
Something like you would see in a movie about a drought.
It was crazy.

I encourage you to date your spouse!
I know it can be hard to find time,
but I also know that it is worth it!

First shot.
I'm pretty sure Spencer was shocked.
But what can I say.
I'm just that good.

I honestly don't think that you have to spend money,
or that you have to even leave the house to have a date night.
Just make it all about you and your spouse.
Do something you enjoy together.
Learn from each other.
Appreciate each other.
Just make time for your relationship.
There is absolutely no one else that can do this for you,
and there is no one to blame but yourself if you fail to date your spouse.
Anything you have to give up,
homework time,
working out,
hanging out with friends,
anything you have to give up to have a date night will be worth it!
I promise!

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