Friday, September 18, 2015

Family Fun Friday... Game Night

Aniston has been begging to go on a family bike ride for the past week. 

Unfortunately, for those of us here in Rexburg, the weather has been super nasty and super cold.

Aniston is not impressed.

So instead of taking the bikes out for a ride, Aniston was more than happy to settle for a game night.

We let her pick the games and the order in which we played them.

All of them lasted an entire 3 minutes except for Chutes and Ladders which was played until someone won.
Can we talk about how long that game can actually take when you're playing with a 3 year old?!?!
It's a patience builder for sure!

But we really had so much fun.
Free fun!

She is at the perfect age when she is starting to understand rules, makes up her own rules and really turns the game into a huge part of her life.

We did have to wait until Benson went to bed to play, since he is mobile now, but we will make it up to him today.

I forget sometimes how much fun it can be to whip out one of our millions of games and just play as a family. 

Here's to more game nights!

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