Friday, September 25, 2015

DAY 1480... Apple Picking

It has been a crazy past couple of months!

Aniston has had so many firsts! 
First day of school
First day of dance
First day of gymnastics
First fishing trip
So it seemed only right to add another first to the list.

First field trip!!!

Aniston was so excited! Like, Christmas morning excited.

(PS - We just bought our first Christmas gift of the season 2 days ago. Way too early!!! But no one should ever pass up a killer deal on Minnie Mouse roller skates, especially when they have a Disney obsessed child who pretends to roller skate on the wood floors. I know roller skates in December in Rexburg? Really? But it is what it is...)

Aniston has been obsessed with Shirley Temple lately, animal crackers in my soup anyone?

So it's no surprise that Snow White just happens to be her favorite Disney movie at the moment. I still remember when I learned that Shirley Temple voiced Snow White... It was mind blowing. 
Snow White was honestly never a movie that I watched a lot growing up, but considering that it's been on rapid replay at our house for the past 2 weeks, you could probably consider me a Snow White expert now.
I guess I did go through a phase where I would tell anybody who would listen that I wanted 7 kids and I was going to name them after the 7 dwarfs, but hey, I was 9. What 9 year old doesn't say weird things?

Anyway, Snow White eats an apple right? Well, to Aniston, that made her field trip of apple picking at the BYU-Idaho Apple Orchards the best thing ever! Because no one else has ever eaten an apple on a movie? And this even confuses me. Why are children so excited about apple's when the apple was poisonous? It hurt Snow White! Why aren't are children comprehending this? Shouldn't this movie instill a fear of apples?

She definitely wasn't the only preschooler to pretend to be Snow White when eating an apple.

First of all, it was a gorgeous day! Thank goodness too because we have been having some nasty weather here lately. It was maybe a little too warm if you ask me. It probably didn't help that I had a 22lb baby, who happens to release body heat like crazy, strapped to my chest. 
Just in case you were wondering, parents were invited and Spencer and I brought Benson and attended Aniston's field trip together.

Family field trip.
Kind of the best thing ever if you ask me.

The BYU-Idaho Apple Orchards have so many different types of trees and apples.
Seriously, apple's of every color!
It's gorgeous! 
It's actually the location of Aniston's 1 year old pictures.

Brief moment of shock... 
Benson will be 1 in a little over 2 months!

Aniston was so lucky to have her 6 foot 2 Daddy there to lift her up so that she could actually pick the apple's directly off the tree. It kind of made me feel bad for all the other kids who didn't have Mom or Dad there and had to take the apple's that the teachers had picked off the tree.
Spencer offered to assist the other children, but no one took him up on the offer.
Their loss.

Together, all of the preschoolers picked 55lbs of apples. 
Pretty sure Aniston accounted for 20lbs of that.

Anyone need any apples?

I'm somewhat of an apple snob, so I actually buy the presliced apples to eat.
My front right tooth is actually fake, cheerleading accident - long story, and so I was always told to never directly bite into an apple or there was a possibility that my front tooth would fall out. 
That seems super shady right?
Nevertheless, I do not bite directly into apples, and although I own an apple slicer (one of the best inventions ever), buying the apple slices presliced is just amazing.

The point is, we now have so many apples in our house and I hate to waste food.
Aniston did eat 3 apples yesterday, so maybe she will surprise us all and stop eating goldfish and pretzels for snack and switch exclusively to apples for the next couple of weeks.

It was a fantastic field trip and such a blessing to be able to attend it as a family.
One of the benefits of having a husband in school I guess.
Positive thinking.

It is so much fun to watch your child interact with other students and to be in a learning environment.

And it was a great activity to put little Benny Boo to sleep.

Those curls!

Two thumbs way way up for apple picking.

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