Wednesday, September 2, 2015

DAY 1458... A Big Day of Firsts!

After months of  anxiety and anticipation of Aniston starting Preschool, the day finally came. I had so many butterflies in my stomach you would've thought it was me who was starting school!

Thankfully the night before, everyone slept GREAT!
This almost never happens!

For the past week we have stopped feeding Benson during the night. It was rough the first couple of nights but he is handling it like a champ and I am so enjoying having my nights back.

I am actually getting sleep!
It's a miracle!

Everyone woke up happy and excited.
I'm not sure Benson knew why he was excited but he just kept flapping his arms and smiling all morning.

We had laid out Aniston's clothes the night before and packed her backpack. Not that there was a lot to pack. Just an extra pair of clothes in case of an accident.
And a pencil.
She insisted on packing a pencil.

Growing up, packing my backpack was always my favorite thing. Just knowing it was sitting there waiting for me, was just so awesome!
I still love new school supplies.
Walmart during back to school time is a dangerous time for me.
Spencer may or may not have taken my debit card away...

Aniston was so excited and ready to go.
The night before when I was brushing my teeth, she came up to me in the bathroom and said, "Mom, I am just so excited to go to Preschool tomorrow! And I will not have accidents and tell my teacher when I have to go potty."
That's my girl.

I know that this will be a great learning experience and not only for her, but also for me.

The whole drive to the school, she kept saying that she didn't need me or Spencer or Benson to help her go. But once we got up to the school and it was time for her to go, she hesitated. And the first time Mom in me really loved that.

But then she was gone.

I only shed a few tears driving home.
But they weren't necessarily sad tears.
They were more like proud tears.
They were happy tears.
They were tears of change.
And a few of them were probably because I'm not going to be her best friend anymore.

The two hours she was gone felt like a lifetime!
I seriously don't think time has ever gone so slowly!

Benson was definitely excited to play only child for a few hours.

I stayed really busy during that time, but I just couldn't stop thinking about Aniston, hoping she was okay and just praying for her.
Tow hours of solid prayers for that little girl.

When I picked her up they told me she was super shy. 
Enjoy that while it lasts.

But she told me that she can't wait to go back!

School got out at 2pm and dance/gymnastics started at 3. 
That means we had 60 minutes to get home, get  snack, get changed and get to dance/gymnastics.

She was so excited to go to dance/gymnastics!

But turns out, we have that kid....

She is the one if her own world the entire time...

She is the youngest in her class by a year, but she is the biggest/tallest. 
She didn't listen super well, but we're hoping that improves soon.

It was a crazy busy day for us and for Aniston especially. 
What a great day!

PS -  I have a feeling that I'm going to love having a kid in school specifically for the book orders! 


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