Friday, September 4, 2015

Family Fun Friday... Picnic

Aniston loves picnics.
"Love" is probably and understatement.

I think that on an Episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse once, they went on a picnic; therefore, she is obsessed.

We don't go very often (I am not a fan of bees and bugs in my food) but when we do go it always seems like everything just works out perfectly.

I am a HUGE fan of family outings that are inexpensive and relaxing. 

Besides the bee swatting, I find picnics to be incredibly relaxing!

Benson loves being outside and is almost always so happy when he gets to be outside. He is actually almost always happy anyway, but there's something about the outdoors that calms that little fella. Aniston just loves to eat and then play (we usually picnic at a park) and then eat some more. I feel like she eats a lot when we picnic.

We always keep our jean quilt in the car, so it makes spontaneous picnics totally possible.
It's tough being spontaneous with kids, this I know, but it definitely is possible if you are preapred.

I'm sad that summer is ending.
It's not fun being stuck inside every day.
Especially during a Rexburg winter...

Sometimes it's the simple and easy things that can really make the most amazing memories.

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