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DAY 833... Disneyland Recap

How come nobody told me how much more awesome Disneyland is once you have a child? I have always loved Disneyland, but watching Aniston experience those 5 days in the park were AMAZING! Her favorite attractions were the Tiki Room, she still asks to listen to the song all the time. It was the cutest thing though, she would just dance and dance and "sing" with the birds. Pretty sure we went there at least once a day. She also LOVED Small World. This made me happy because it has always been my favorite ride.

My parents were nice enough to take both Aniston and Cortney all day Wednesday and Wednesday night so that Spencer and I and Kim and Chris could enjoy time by ourselves. It was nice, but I really missed that little lady that day.

It was so much better to be there with family! It was the first time we were all together since my wedding in September of 2011. So we always wear these crazy obnoxiously colored shirts when we go to Disneyland. We first wore them 6 years ago and no one else had them. This year, everyone had them! I would like to think we started this ingenuous fad! The numbers help us to identify who it is without putting names on the shirts.

Can you spot the Kinville's from across the park??? I can see those shirts! Genius!

It was the first time Ani met her Uncle Jason and it was the first time that most of us met Jason's wife Shauna. PS, Jason got married.

Some of my absolute favorite moments included...

Walking into the Aladdin show and Cortney exclaiming, very loudly, "It smells like we shouldn't be in here." What does that even mean?

Participating in Slapsgiving with Jake, Jason and Ryan. Jake's slap was timed perfectly while waiting in line for Alice in Wonderland. People waiting in line knew exactly what was happening without anyone saying anything. Someone in front of us turned around and asked, "Was that a Slapsgiving? Best thing ever!" Ryan didn't think so. For those of you wondering was Slapsgiving is... shame on you. Go watch How I Met Your Mother.

Recording Wizard Mickey at the end of Fantasmic and memorizing his dance moves because it is my dream to be that Mickey in that show.

Aniston watching fireworks for the first time. On the 4th of July, someone drowned in the river so the fireworks started super late and Ani fell asleep, so she hadn't really seen them before. People around us were watching Aniston instead of the fireworks it was so awesome!

Seeing the awesome Allie Walker after 2 years and meeting her cute Madden for the first time ever! So great! Please excuse our sassy babies... it was late.

Aniston meeting Santa. That poor little girl screamed and screamed, everyone else around us laughed, but as soon as she got off his lap all she wanted to go was to go see Woody. Apparently Woody is way more cooler than Santa.

Celebrating Papa's 50th birthday at Disneyland! Seriously, how many 50 year olds ask to spend the day at Disneyland with their entire family? What a rockstar! Coolest Dad ever for sure!

The fire alarm at the hotel going off at 1am and everyone having to evacuate... Super fun. Aniston didn't even wake up, but still, what a pain. Who needs to microwave popcorn at 1 am anyway?

You know what? The best way to tell you about my trip is going to be through pictures. So get ready, because here they come!
 Day 1.
 Ummm seriously, those leggings. I was hoping to find identical ones that would fit me, but they do not exist. Suck.
 I thought it was exceptionally magical that there was fruit growing on the trees at Disneyland. I also thought that being able to leave your stroller for 2 hours unattended was magical. Until both times we went on Alice in Wonderland our stroller went missing. We eventually found it both times, but Aniston's cute sunglasses went missing...
 Me and my bro's! Why is the youngest child now the tallest child?

My super strong Ani!

 California Adventure.
 My little tink!
 Those ears! So cute!
Chillin, just waiting for Minnie Mouse.
 Ani had a blast pointing out Minnie's ears, nose, eyes and mouth. However, my child has this crazy fear of gloves, so once she realized that Minnie was wearing gloves, she was over it.
 So these pictures are not in order... This was Ani's first ride she went on Day 1 and the last ride she went on on Day 5. I love how she is giving a thumbs up.
 Ani loved all the pumpkins in the Haunted Mansion.

 Apparently I have never sat in the front before on Splash Mountain... Haha!
Our day alone!
 You cannot go to Disneyland without having the Pineapple Ice Cream at the Tiki Room. Seriously this stuff is insane! I need more ASAP!
 Since the past 2 times I went to Disneyland I was pregnant, I rode the Tower of Terror 3 times lifting my arms and legs for the first time in 6 years! So awesome!
 Who knew that Disneyland had a mini petting zoo? Oh the things you discover when you have kids. Aniston LOVED it!

 Playing at the park during family pictures!
 This was my first time to Cars Land. Loved walking through it, super cute and awesome, but all the rides expect for Radiator Springs kind of sucked. Didn't love them. We quickly learned that in order to not wait 2 hours in line for Radiator Springs you needed to ride the in the single rider line. So fun!

 On Day 5 it was pouring! We were all soaked from head to toe! Disney sure made a pretty penny off their $8 ponchos!
While waiting in lines I wore the poncho and held Ani underneath it. She was pretty ticked with the entire situation but everyone thought I was super smart!

 Notice her cute leg warmers! They're adult socks! Haha!
 This is how I packed Ani for the week. Thank you Pinterest!
 I already miss those sun glasses..... Cute cousins!

 Yes, we borrowed a leash from a friend and it was AWESOME!

Splash Mountain!
 Everyone on small world!
 Look at that wonder in her eyes! LOVE IT!
Ani loved small world so much! Look at that smile!
 Disneyland can be exhausting!
 We hit up Rainforest Cafe and it was one of the worst experiences I have ever had at a resturaunt! Super duper slow service and not enough food. Fun atmosphere, but we probably wont be returning any time soon.
 Ani loved standing with the Gorilla.
 All she did was bark at Pluto the entire time we were standing with him and waiting for him.
 We had never been into innovations and it was AWESOME! Spencer particularly enjoyed the Iron Man exhibit. It was pretty sweet.

 How cute is this picture? I just love that Donald and Ani are pointing at each other. Super cute!
Whenever anyone had the 3D glasses on, Aniston needed her own pair as well. She never wore them at the correct moment, but it was pretty funny.
 Waiting for Toy Story Mania!
 On the Ferris Wheel of death! 6 years ago we accidentally got in the line for the cars that swing, like scary swinging and there are no seat belts. It was the most terrifying thing ever! This time was no exception. Whoever thought of this is insane!

 Ryan enjoyed the ride the least... please notice the plastic bag he is holding...
 Love my mom!!!
 So thankful for these parents of mine!
 Getting ready for World of Color, which I actually didn't enjoy at all. Not a fan of Olaff from Frozen. Kim and Chris took everyone to see it on Thanksgiving. Super cute movie, love the music, hate the snowman. 

Kind of love this song the most!

 Tink, all ready for the day!
 I had never rode on on of the Disney cars, so I took the time to do so this trip. So nice having  days instead of just 3 at the Parks.
 I had to take my Club 33 picture of course. Someday I WILL be a member and it WILL be awesome! No doubt in my mind!
Seriously?!?! There are no words for how adorable Ani can be! She was watching Cortney and my Mom on the teacups and would get concerned when she couldn't see them, but very excited when she could see them.
The Nield's (my sister and her fam) gave Aniston this dress so that the cousins could match for a day. ADORABLE!!!
 Classic family picture!

 Toon Town!
 Mickey Mouse!
 Their turkey emu legs on Thanksgiving. Tradition!
 While we were taking family pictures someone captured this and I just love how happy we are!
 Family pic preview! Cannot wait to see them!
 Aniston loved feeding the ducks! I only got bit once by one of them. Oh the things we go through for our children!
 Wiped out!
 Where did my baby go? This is a full blown toddler! Such a doll!
Of course we had to try on tiara's! I wanted to buy them sooooo badly, but really when would we ever wear them? Besides all the time of course?!

While on the road....
 Ani needed an energy drink to keep for alert. PS - the can isn't open...
 What on earth did people do before iPads? Saved our life in the car!
 Loving on her panda!

 Cutest ponytail ever!
 Ani met Great Grandma and Grandpa Kinville for the first time since her blessing!
 Nature is gorgeous!
 Too many states in too short of time!
 Ani feeding the birds! She is going to end up like the crazy bird lady from Home Alone 2!
Uncle Jason caught a bird. Gross...
 Pit stop in Cali!
 Uncle Ryan reading to Ani on the trip. What a good Unc!
 Swimming at the pool! Ani was so excited to play in the hot tub for the first time!
Since Aniston loves Panda's so much we downloaded a talking Panda app and she kissed and hugged it for quite a while....

It was an awesome trip! It was so hard to come back to school and work and to real life! Aniston is still trying to adjust and Spencer and I are so exhausted! Thanks Mom and Dad for getting everyone together and for making this happen!


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