Saturday, December 21, 2013

DAY 851... The Spirit of Christmas

I was taught that the true spirit of Christmas was the act of giving. Giving can occur in any different forms. It can occur emotionally, physically, materially, thoughtfully and so many other different ways. Some ways to give are more obvious and apparent to the world, while other ways are more personal and really only seen and felt by the ones giving and those receiving.

Thursday evening Spencer received a phone call from Utah informing him that his fathers lungs had collapsed and that he was in the ICU. Along with having a virus and Parkinson's this was a terrifying event for our family. Even though our plan was to come to Utah on Saturday we immediately left Rexburg late that night to get to Utah as his father was not expected to make it through the night. We left our home in a terrible mess (thank you Mom for going and changing the clothes in the laundry for us so they wouldn't mold), I forgot to pack everything we would need, and the weather in Utah was absolutely horrendous. But none of that mattered. Getting Spencer to the hospital to be with his father was our number one priority. I was blessed to be able to miss work and it was a blessing that Spencer had just completed his last final of the semester. There was nothing holding us home. We arrived at the hospital at 11pm, after visitor hours, but Spencer was still allowed in. Another blessing. Aniston and I roamed the halls and watched Blues Clues while we waited. An hour later Spencer drove Ani and I to my aunts house where we would be staying with the intention of returning to the hospital to spend the night there with his parents. On the drive home he expressed his fear that his father would not make it through the night. It was pretty devastating. I would be completely destroyed and inconsolable if my father were to pass away, so I can only imagine the heartbreak that my husband was feeling. I made sure to keep my phone on all night and I texted him frequently through the night to check the status of his father after he had returned to the hospital. During this time I posted this picture of Aniston walking the halls in the hospital on Instagram and Facebook:

I was, and still am, completely and utterly overwhelmed and emotional at the waves of support that flooded my phone through texts and calls and through my social media accounts after I posted the picture and that has continued for several days. The offers of prayers and services were unbelievable! I received condolences from people I hadn't seen or talked to in 18 years as well as people who I wouldn't consider my close friends. Most of these people hadn't even met Spencer, let alone his father or family but were still willing to do our family a service by including us in their thoughts and prayers.

This year my family was on the receiving end of the Spirit of Christmas and what a wonderful feeling that is! The service that people have chosen to give to us is not something that costs money or something that really even takes a lot of time. It was giving us their thoughts and their prayers, and that was enough. That was more than enough and truly has touched my family. I would like to personally thank every single person who has prayed and blessed my family at this time, but I'm sure I don't even know the half of you who did so. Isn't that amazing? Every single one of you made a difference in our lives and you are blessed. Thank you so much! It was something incredibly small, but so powerful and meaningful to our family. Thank you! I know that having been given such a wonderful gift, only truly makes me want to do the same for others. Service and prayer really are so powerful and meaningful in ways that material gifts could never hope to be.

Here is the cute video that Aniston made for her Grandpa while he is in the ICU. She is not allowed in so she I wanted to send him something from her to lift his spirits. I heard it was well received and watched quite a few times by him!

Tonight Spencer's Dad is still in the ICU and now battling pneumonia and the flu. He is breathing better and exceeding all expectations for a man who no one thought would make it through the night. They hope to move him into a regular room as soon as one opens up. His fight in the hospital is not over, but as you can see, your prayers and thoughts have helped immensely! I cannot say thank you enough!

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