Saturday, December 14, 2013

Day 844... Christmas Wreath

I made this wreath a couple weeks ago in my attempt to create a new wreath for every season or holiday. Seriously can we talk about how awesome the Dollar Tree is? I purchased the ornaments from the Dollar Tree which was awesome because they are plastic and they just don't break... they didn't have a very large selection of colors which bummed me out a little. Since our Christmas tree is decorated in blue, white and silver I was hoping to make a matching wreath. But I'm too cheap to go and spend a ton of money on ornaments that weren't going to be used for their intended purpose. The only thing I wish that I would have done differently on this wreath is that I wish I would have wrapped the Styrofoam wreath in fabric or yarn or something. Sometimes if I look closely I can see the green of the wreath amongst the ornaments. It really really bothers me. I just used my handy dandy hot glue gun to go to town. I just glued all the larger ornaments on first and then I gradually made my way through the smaller ornaments. There was no rhyme of reason to my gluing madness I just did it according to what I thought would look best.
I like the way it turned out. Kind of a fun wreath that isn't your typical Christmas wreath. Go and make one! You will love it and not regret it at all! But seriously, use a TON of glue!

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