Wednesday, December 25, 2013

DAY 855... Merry Christmas

Christmas is so fun! But it's a thousand times funner when you are a parent! The night before Christmas was kind of rough in the Ahlstrom house. Aniston has the worst cold and every time she sneezes there is snot EVERYWHERE. Spencer work up with a sore throat and a crazy headache. And I have a cough and pain in my chest that makes me want to die it hurts so bad! None of us slept well and we all took a wonderful Christmas nap later in the day. So don't judge us in any pictures. Remember, we are super sick...

I love the way the Christmas tree looks in the morning before anyone else is awake and everything is peaceful and perfect!
Santa learned a tough lesson this Christmas. It is never a good idea to put chocolate in the stocking while the fireplace is on. The chocolate tends to melt... 
Aniston was not so excited to be out of bed while feeling so yucky, but once she started unwrapping presents things got better.

Things got much better when she discovered that Santa had brought her Cheetos!
Spencer got excited because my Dad gave him this insane BB gun. Seriously I have never seen something like this before! We will never have a "cat" problem again...
Even though Aniston received more toys than necessary, she loves her potty more than anything! She turns 18 months in 11 days and that's when we are potty training. She definitely seems ready!

She also loves bubbles. Can we talk about how she just stood in front of the bubble machine and just let them hit her in the face for like 3 minutes. Kind of weird, but super funny!

If you read my blog about Ani's kitchen you saw in the video a surprise present that was hidden. Recently I have become obsessed with the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Get on Netflix and watch it. It will change your life. Spencer bought me the juicer from it and this gives him the Best Husband of the Year award!!! I cannot wait to start juicing! 

I captured this sweet moment of father and daughter time today. So precious!

Can we also discuss how my AMAZING husband spent secret time in the construction lab on campus with my Dad to build me this amazing cutting board! Seriously, what a man!

It was a wonderful Christmas! My family came over for dinner and we were beyond blessed in so many different ways! I seriously need to go to bed and sleep this nasty illness out of me! 
 MERRY CHRISTMAS from my family to yours!

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