Tuesday, December 31, 2013

DAY 861... Peace Out 2013

I am sooooooooooooooooo ready for this year to be over. Not that it hasn't been a great one, okay so it really truly hasn't been the best, but there is so much that I am willing and ready to put behind me and to move on to bigger and better things! As a family and individually we were able to start a lot of new things and we were able to have a lot of firsts (thank you Aniston). This past year I,

Started Graduate school (only 4 more classes until I graduate!)
Cut 15 inches off my hair
Quit coaching
Crafted my butt off
Survived 2 weeks of single parenting
Had my parents move to town
Turned 27


Started sculpting again
Spent 2 weeks in Northern Idaho selling security systems
Put another year of school behind him
Had his parents move wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy closer
Turned 27


Had a million firsts! (This pretty much includes EVERYTHING that she did this year)
Ate Taco Bell for the first time!
Turned 1

As a Family,

Move #2
Went to Disneyland 
Traveled to Oregon

We really had such a busy year! I truly think that the best times were times that we were able to spend together as a family and just watching Aniston grow. I've done a lot in the past 4 months to change my life. I quit coaching, which was HUGE since I had done it for years and it truly was my dream job. I cut off my hair, and I've started making more time for my family because I have realized what is most important and that's where my priorities need to be. I think I really just got brave this year. I realized this past year that I am capable of making myself happy and after 27 years I finally started doing them!

I have learned more, loved more, cried more, hated more, worked more, been blessed more and prayed more than ever this year! I am ready for a change! Here is our past year in review!

I hope you all have a safe and happy New Years!

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