Wednesday, January 1, 2014

DAY 862... Influenza

I never knew that there was a difference between the flu that we claimed to have at some point during the year and the actually influenza. But after testing positive for influenza and experiencing it the past few days, holy cow the difference is huge! The doctor told me that 1. People die from this so make sure you get rest, but also that mostly just the really old and really young die from it and 2. You would feel like you want to die. This was a TRUE statement! Yesterday I thought I was feeling better, but this morning I realized that was some false hope. This stuff is nasty and painful and sucks!

Maybe the worst thing about being sick is that I don't really get to be sick. I am an adult and I'm a mom which means even when I am sick, I still have responsibilities and expectations that have to be fulfilled. Take me back to the days when my mom would put a sheet on the couch and bring my yummy juices and snacks all day while I watched awesome movie after awesome movie all while missing school. Just another reason I suppose children shouldn't be too excited to grow up so quickly. There are quite a few negatives I never really considered until I actually experienced them like how I was so excited to live on my own, but never considered the bills I would have to pay. I was excited to have a real job, but never considered the time it would take away from my family. I couldn't wait to have a baby, but never considered I would experience 9 months of Hyperemesis as well as an insane delivery. Still grateful and thankful that I am able to have children though. Things like naps and having dinner made for you are things you just learned to enjoy and that you don't realize that they are HUGE blessings!

I have today to get better, because work starts again tomorrow... Right?!?! Why would school start on a Thursday? Why not come back from break on Monday? I don't understand it AT ALL! I really hate starting the new year sick and tired and grumpy, but the 10lb weight loss has made up for a little of that!

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  1. You make sick look good. I hope you start feeling well!