Tuesday, January 21, 2014

DAY 882... Why I Refuse to Make New Years Resolutions

Now that we have all either successfully failed in keeping our New Years resolutions or never even attempted to keep them in the first place, I want to explain to you why I never make New Years resolutions.

Failure makes people feel awful. Failure makes people depressed and upset and makes them give up on more than just their goals. Since I am prone to depression and failure personally makes me feel like road kill or at least what I imagine road kill would feel like, I try as hard as I possibly can not to put myself in those situations. Making News Years resolutions fall under "those situations". Don't get me wrong, I highly approve of goals. I think you should always have goals and strive daily to accomplish them, but once there is pressure attached to that goals, it is not a worthwhile goal. Pressure should never accompany goal setting. Once that pressure occurs, it suddenly feels as though you are trying to accomplish the goal for so someone else and not yourself. Goals are for you - not for any other person. If they happen to benefit others by chance then what a blessing, but ultimately they are for you.

I feel as though so many people make these New Years resolutions because they are given a pen and paper and told to write them down. Ummmmm, no thanks. I'm sorry, but you cannot force me to make goals. Sure, to not be rude I will probably write something down for you, but I have no intention of keeping them, ever. I will set goals in my life when I want to and regarding what I want. I feel as though when you are wanting to reach a goal, you must think as Yoda thought:

Only set goals that you want to accomplish. Goals that mean something to you and that will benefit you. I don't care if it's something as small as getting up in the morning and setting the goal that you will drink 8 glasses of water. A goal can last only 1 day! In fact, those are my favorite types of goals! And let's be honest... What your goals are are absolutely none of my business! I have no business asking you what your goals are and you have no business asking me about my goals. Goals can be very private! If I choose to share them with you than that is great, but to me, goals are personal. Once they become common knowledge I feel as though that's when the judgement occurs and the pressure hits.It's my choice whether or not I stick with my goals and if I tell everyone my goal is to lose weight and so they watch me like a hawk (because this is what happens, people are nosy and need to know everything about everyone) and then I don't. They judge. It's wrong, but it happens.

One thing, I'm sure that has been happening forever, that I just saw was instead of making New Years resolutions was picking a word for the year to stick to. I like this idea much better. I feel as though a word can be applied in so many ways and it's easier than making a thousand resolutions that get so tangled and out of control that you can't keep track of it. So this year I have chosen a word. That word is (drum roll please)


I like this word because it doesn't mean that you do everything perfectly the first time. This word allows you to make mistakes, but to still eventually obtain your goal. This word is hope to me. I have a big year coming up. I will graduate with my master's degree this fall, I will have a 2 year old, we will most likely be moving when I start applying for jobs pertaining to my degree, and who knows what else. I will have to persevere in order to accomplish everything on my plate. And I know that I can. Here a few of my favorite quotes about perseverance.

I think that I will continue to choose a word to help and remind me of the things that I most truly want throughout the year as opposed to setting New Years resolutions. I wish you luck if you have set goals for yourself this year. I hope that you have the strength and will power to stick to them and to better yet accomplish them. I hope that you can PERSEVERE!

And then there's this. Of all the thousands of young Frozen lovers recording themselves over the past few months, I believe that this little girl is by far the most talented and most adorable. And yes, I cry every time I watch it! Her parents must be so proud! Enjoy!

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