Friday, January 31, 2014

DAY 892... Twenty-Eight

It's my birthday. When did I get so old?!?! I definitely do not feel 28, that's for sure, but it's a daunting number for whatever reason. Last year on the blog I celebrated by telling you 27 things all about me (read it here). This year I am having a tough time being optimistic about another year. I remember 24 being a really tough birthday for me. I remember being in Vegas and crying and just feeling so sad and helpless. I have felt like that all this week! Why? My life is, although not where I imagined it would be at this point in my life, it is great. I am so blessed! I am married to a wonderful man, together we have a beautiful, talented and incredibly smart daughter who makes me so happy! I am only months away from have my master's degree, we live close to family, and I really have everything that I need. I guess 27 was a really rough year for me. A lot of things, mostly unexpected occurred, and tested me in so many different ways. 27 was challenging mentally, physically and definitely and mostly emotionally. 27 was a little damaging to my soul, and that scares me for 28. But with another year comes new opportunities and new blessings and so many memories that I have yet to make. I do feel optimistic, just very nervous and a little scared. I need to remember all of the AMAZING memories I have had during the past 28 years. That is enough to help me feel optimistic and hopeful for the upcoming year.

 Classic 80's picture of baby Jenn.
 My first birthday! I can only imagine what I was thinking. They brought home my new sister on this day and I have a cat cake... The best part about this picture is that Aniston gives me this exact same look every single day!
 My second birthday! Killer sweater...
 Birthday number three!!!
4 years old and showing Santa some skin...
 5 years old and learning to love sports.
 6 years old! Please tell me there are other people out there whose parents kept the proof's and didn't buy the actual school pictures. Once again... killer sweater!
 8 years old and the cutest bunny around! Seriously... 20 years ago? Feeling old!
 9 years old and gender confused perhaps? Also what am I pointing at?
 10 years old and loving life in San Diego!
11 years old. Photobombed by a creepy man/alien on the door.
 12 years old, still gender confused perhaps. What the heck is going on with that outfit? Everything from the polo shirt collar to the tall socks to the sweatshirt... I am so confused and a wee bit embarrassed. 
 13 years old and kind of a weirdo, let's be honest.
 14 years old and living the soccer dream. PS, I sucked at soccer.
15 years old and switching up sports! G-H-E-T-T-O! I can't believe I ever thought I looked cool in this uniform!
 16 years old and LOVING the Taco Bell! Some things never change! Also yes, that is a perm!
 17 years old and digging the sun in hair product! Thank you Gilbert for introducing me to that!
 18 years old! I have always LOVED this picture that my little brother who was 14 at the time took!
 19 years old and getting weird in the jungles of Hawaii!
 20 years old locked and loaded.
21 years old and thinking I could run races... HAHA! Don't worry it was only a 5K.
 22 years old and getting a little weirder.... Apparently being 22 and single was taking it's toll on me.
23 years old and living it up in Vegas. Roar.
24 years old. GO UTES!
 25 years old. Finally taking my bridal pictures!
26 years old and preggo!
27 years old and the cutting of the hair!

I want year 28 to be amazing!
 Here's to another year, many memories, and to getting old!
I guess as long as I don't feel 28, I don't have to be 28, right?

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