Wednesday, June 5, 2013

DAY 637... Cheer Camp

So I have my family, my work, my school and I have cheer. I enjoy LOVE coaching!!! Performances may not always go as we had practiced or intended, but teaching these crazy kids and helping them have a good time is so much fun! We laugh A LOT! I love watching their faces when they hit a new stunt or throw a new tumbling pass. It is pure joy! They feel good about themselves and they become motivated and uplifted. I love seeing where they start at the beginning of the year and watching where they end. This is probably why I take so many videos and pictures. I am beginning to think that coaching is something that maybe I do selfishly. Coaching helps me to feel better about myself. It gives me friends and it helps me to be surrounded by an uplifting and happy atmosphere. Can't we all use a little more uplifting these days???

We just finished cheer camp and we had a blast! We laughed so much! We had inch worm races, created some I'm sure year long inside jokes, and we danced a lot! I love to dance with these kids! We got o know our boys a little better.... actually a lot better! they are the sweetest and most talented boys ever!!!! We learned so much and we got to know each other really really well. I can already tell that this upcoming year is going to be a blast. I really think that we are going to be laughing so much but still learning and accomplishing some crazy awesome things! I CANNOT WAIT!

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